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Vol. XXVI No. 22, March 01-15, 2017

Archives: Vol. XXVI No. 22, March 01-15, 2017


The work ahead

(By The Editor)

Drought & water shortage must be priority of new government

And so we have a new government in our State. An EPS Government. And it has its work cut for it. For its predecessor, Amma’s Government, had promised much for the next four years. And those promises next to be kept, if the EPS Government is to return to power at that times.


At the moment, credibility in public perception of the EPS -Government is of concern, even if stability is assured for the present to gain credibility, it needs to reach out to its supporters at the ground level, passionately in interior villages and hamlets.

For this, the Chief Minister and his government need to work committedly to tackle a heavy agenda awaiting action. There is much to do apart from the settlement of the Cauvery issue and the question of enacting legislation that will enable the State to have its own examination for medical (an, in time, engineering) seats. The first priority is overcoming the current drought conditions in most parts of the State and water shortage in urban areas while tackling the present crisis it needs to look at long term solutions to prevent much water draining into the sea when there is good rain.


When this black coast became blue

– The Editor

India Oil Spill

Printers’ devils were at work both at our processors and printers, with the result that “the black coast” became BLUE last fortnight. We hope the reproduction of the same picture here sets the record straight.


Restoration – police style

– A Special Correspondent

IMG_2892 Lead Picture_touchup

At a time when there is no organised effort of any kind to protect the heritage structures in the city, we must be thankful that the police in Tamil Nadu has proved to be more sensitive and has made a determined effort to preserve whatever heritage buildings it controls.


Chennai Newsreel

by Vincent D’Souza

Of student research… and a collection

Butt Road. Saint Thomas Mount.
The road to the hill.
From the Kathipara roundabout in Guindy, leading to the highway that leads to Bangalore.
Butt Road.
How did it get its name?


No more – In the name of God?

Text & pictures by Simeon Mascarenhas

It is common knowledge that despite official Heritage Committee decres Tamil Nadu prohibiting the demolition of significant public buildings, these laws are flouted on an almost daily basis. While some of these ‘crimes’ are noticed and raise at least a few voices in protest,