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Vol. XXX No. 1, April16-30, 2020

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Going Viral: An Open Letter to the Chief

by Ranjitha Ashok

Well, Chief, it’s been a year. Still trying to process that. The instinct to make that morning phone call is yet to subside, as is the impulse to share a nugget of a story with your mentor. What to do, as some people say. Chief, you won’t believe the mess we’re in right now.

PVK – The Tall Versatile Broadcaster Who Deserved More

by S. Viswanathan

PVK as announcer – AIR. 15 August 1975. The Chennai TV station was inaugurated by V.C. Shukla, Minister of Information & Broadcasting. TN Governor, K.K. Shah, was another important guest.

Muthu, The Unforgettable

by N.S. Parthasarathy

Through the incredible number of books and columns he authored, his espousing of numerous public causes, as founder of many institutions and as founder-editor of a highly respected journal, S. Muthiah had acquired a vast circle of friends and admirers. Even after a year of his passing away, they talk of him at every gathering. […]

Rajaraja Cholan, Prior to Sivaji Ganesan

by Karthik Bhatt

Long before the Chola monarch Rajaraja Chola was accused of land grab by a film director, he was the subject of one of Tamil theatre’s most successful stage plays by the T.K.S. Nataka Sabha. This article is a brief recount of the making of the play. A scene from the play. Following the success of […]

Madras Cricket, in the 1890s

by an Anglo Indian

Editor’s note: We reproduce this article that appeared in the magazine Cricket, a Weekly Record of the Game, in its issue of Jan 30, 1896. We thank Vikram Raghavan, a friend and admirer of Mr. S. Muthiah’s for sending us this link. Cricket at Chepauk, dating to the 1890s. I have often heard the question […]

More than Lockdown and Testing Needed

by The Editor

Those of us who experienced the 2015 floods thought we had seen enough for a lifetime. And then came cyclone Vardah. Now we are living through one of the most unusual situations – a city in lockdown to fight a virus, not for one day or two but for three whole weeks. The only consolation […]

An Elected Council would have Helped

by A Special Correspondent

Even as the city is grappling with the lockdown, it is the officialdom that has to bear the full brunt of it and this includes interacting with the public and the media apart from handling logistics and providing support. While this may not be manifest to a larger public, it does pose a strain on […]

Going Viral

by Ranjitha Ashok

Well, Chief, it’s been a while, I know. What to do, as some people say. The whole world is reeling under the slings and arrows of unbelievably outrageous fortune and is completely preoccupied with taking arms… well, make those extremely well-scrubbed arms and hands against this particular sea of troubles. Nature’s really gone and done […]

All Hail 38C!

Bharathi Rajaram

Yesterday, I went to Chembur to stock up on coffee powder before somebody decides good old Ganapathi Stores is a global CV hotspot and proactively closes it for a month. BSTS, I thought – Better Safe Than Sorry! A very enterprising Dharavi fellow – I *love* their ingenuity and business sense! – had hit upon […]

Self-Quarantined and Safe in Chennai

by Seetha Ratnakar

It’s good to be home and be welcomed by a glorious sunrise. Today is the second day of my self-quarantine. We are all going through a dreadful situation right now which is beyond our control. I had to make a difficult choice a few days ago, whether to stay with son and family in New […]