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Vol. XXVIII No. 19, January 16-31, 2019

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Poverty reduction – how fare we?

by A Special Correspondent

Poverty is generally identified by income level. Another way of adjudging poverty is by the degree of deprivation of basic public facilities and services that make for a life of dignity. Income test is not enough because there could be income above poverty line but with basic facilities still absent or inaccessible to such segments. […]

Are dosas making us fatter?

Everything, it seems, made us fatter in 2018. Now, a recent study published in the British Medical Journal, claims that dosas, made of apparently innocuous rice and urad dal batter, are not as healthy as we have always thought and gorged on. One masala dosa contains 1,023 kcal, which is almost half of the calorie […]

Thank you, Donors

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Lost Landmarks of Chennai


A tennis stadium sans tennis For sports lovers in the city, January for over a decade meant the time of the Chennai Open. This tennis tournament, which brought some international stars to our city, began life as the McDowell Open in 1996 in New Delhi, it moved to Madras the next year as the Gold […]

A 70-year journey

by S. Viswanathan

From A-40s to Stallions and beyond Raghunandan Saran. Ashok Leyland’s ‘Stallion’, the logistics vehicle, had just been inducted into the Army. The Karghil war demanded scaling up of supplies. The vehicles were put under severe stress in hostile terrain at 5000 metres with a completely untrained army of drivers and totally unfamiliar mechanics. There were […]

Our Museum’s wealth

– Chithra Madhavan

The stone sculptures of Vijayanagara The Stone sculpture gallery of the Madras Museum has a separate section that houses carvings from the illustrious Vijayanagara era which began in 1336 C.E. in a place called Vijayanagara which is present-day Hampi on the banks of River Tungabhadra in Karnataka. This mighty empire, which at its height covered […]

From groves to plots to high-rise

Bama Ranganathan documents the life of the Ramakrishnan family.

Kalyani and her sister in front of their apartment which was built on the site of the original independent house in CIT Colony. Coconut groves, fruit and flower trees in abundance and gardens filled with vegetables – this is not in a village in interior Tamil Nadu. This was C.I.T. Colony to be specific, in […]

Discover Delhi Thaatha

- Srinivasa Chari

Talking about writing and writing for children at that, I can’t get out of my mind these lines that I read years ago: “How do you write for children? Just the way you would write for adults. Only better.” Chitra Viraraghavan, a Ph.D in English from Boston, a teacher of English, a book-editor, school textbook […]

Pavithra’s Perspective

l Pavithra Srinivasan is a writer, journalist, artist, translator, columnist and an editor and is fascinated with History.

There’s an old saying in Tamil: Moorthi sirithaanaalum, keerthi perithu. Something could be insignificant in form, but immense in fame. I’ve come across my fair share of monuments and heritage sights in Madras which would be an accurate representation of the proverb, but perhaps very few fit the description more than the legendary Gem & […]

City celebrates despite Govt. indifference

by The Editor

The annual December Music Festival has been in progress in various pockets of the city during the next couple of weeks showcasing concerts of both classical music and dance. It is a niche event given the miniscule numbers that follow these arts, yet it has an inordinately high profile. The Season as we know it […]