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Vol. XXX No. 10, September 16-30, 2020

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To MS, with Gratitude

by Balakesari Komattil

M.S. Subbulakshmi was born on September 16, 1916. We publish this article as a tribute to a great artiste. Standing on the balcony of his house, a four year old was humming the tuneful notes of Kaatriniley Varum Geetam, the latest MS hit from the film Meera, blissfully unaware that his solo performance was being […]

City lights

by N.S. Ramaswam

Mylapore vs. Triplicane We thank reader and contributor Karthik Bhatt for locating this gem by N.S. Ramaswami that appeared in a 1956 issue of the magazine Swarajya. Is there still a rivalry between Mylapore & Thiruvallikeni?

United India Colony Days – II

by Ramanuja Iyer (

(Continued from last fortnight) We had fun with the simple things in life, starting the day early with the morning newspaper, chatting with friends devoid of any devices, enjoying whatever food we got to fill our stomach, watching TV as a group on the only channel we had and of course playing cricket wherever we […]

How Well Do You Know Chennai?

by Karthik Bhatt

One of the biggest fallouts of the Covid-19 pandemic has been that social events across the world have moved online. Those of Madras Week this year were no exception. With virtual walks, talks and competitions all substituting for their physical counterparts, all eyes were on two of the most anticipated events – the Madras Open […]

When Dhoni Knocked the Fight out of the Aussies at Chepauk

by Partab Ramchand

His durable and indelible association with Chennai Super Kings made MS Dhoni a great favourite with the Chepauk crowd. It may not be wrong to say that he was fussed and feted about and even worshipped more in this city than even in his native Ranchi. Forget the matches in which CSK was involved, even […]

Thank You, Donors

We today, publish donations received with thanks. Rs. 50: G.N. Sridharan, Vikram Rajan Rs. 100: A.L. Chandramouli, Venugopalan Balasubramanian, T.L. Balakrishnan, K. Verma, Padmini Narayanan, S. Aravamudhan, K.V. Lakshminarayanan Rs. 116: K. Muralidharan Rs. 200: Ramu Raji, V. Thiruvengdam, Manuel Aaron, P.S. Thiagharajan, P.S. Narasimhan Rs. 300: A. Kamala Kannan Rs. 400: K.S. Srinivasan, Ashok […]

Chennai is India’s third dirtiest city

by The Editor

A familiar sight in Chennai. As the city celebrated Madras Week this month, the results of the Swachh Survekshan survey – an initiative under Swachh Bharat to monitor cleanliness in different cities and towns in India – were released as well. It seems to be a mixed bag for Chennai. While our city has jumped […]

War memories from the annals of the Madras Christian College magazine

by Marilyn Gracey Augustine, Assistant Professor of History, Madras Christian College

S.M.S. Emden The two global conflicts of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 were fought with advanced science and technology, sophisticated armoury and unprecedented ferocity that threatened the very existence of humanity. They were turning points in the history of many nations as the old-world order crumbled and the new masters emerged. For many the world wars may […]

United India Colony Days – I

by Ramanuja Iyer


Prelude: This story was made possible due to the COVID-19 situation as a group of close-knit friends met after 25 years over a Zoom call and recounted good old memories from their teenage days in Chennai. We were a set of easy-going teenagers raised in lower-middle-class homes in the United India Colony area during the […]

A Fine Squash Player, Fitness Fanatic and a Frugal Businessman – (Tribute)

by M.M. Murugappan

In the early hours of the morning of the 23rd of July, one of Chennai’s finest sports persons passed away in his sleep. Syed Ali Ispahani, 82 years of age, was known well amongst his family and close friends, mostly at the Madras Cricket Club, and of course his contemporaries in the Chennai and Bangalore […]