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Vol. XXIX No. 15, November 16-30, 2019

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Old & New

Our OLD is the cover picture of the Madras Journal of Literature and Science, dated July to Dec 1847. Could the building featured in it be the College of Fort St. George? Our NEW is a picture of a structure with similar architectural features that still stands in the same campus but which is much […]

Revamp deep-sea fishing scheme to provide relief for fishermen

by A Special Correspondent

Readers may remember that we had published a two-part article regarding TN’s deep-sea fishing scheme earlier, in Madras Musings Vol. XXVIII, Nos. 10 & 11. This is a follow-up article to monitor the scheme’s progress. – The Editor It has been two years since the Central and Tamil Nadu governments launched a deep-sea fishing project […]

When the cows come home

Every year, during Diwali and Pongal, we get an expected visitor. Named differently at different times, we have been visited by Gopala, Perumal, Jambavan, Lakshmi and Kanaka Durga, names which invariably originate from the vast pantheon of Gods and Goddesses. This time, Venkatesha Perumal, a two-year calf/cow, visited us as its owner sang and showered […]

Lost Landmarks of Chennai

The College of College Road Which is the college after which College Road takes its name? Women’s Christian would be the most common answer though some have averred it is the Good Shepherd’s School. The correct

Chennai’s oldest sabha still going strong

by Charukesi

A curtain-raiser for the December Music Festival 2019. Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha of Triplicane is the oldest sabha in Chennai. The records of the sabha reveal that it was launched in 1896 by Manni Tirumalachariar, a prominent resident of Triplicane, to foster the performing arts. It was then known as the Sangita Vidwat Sabhai. When […]


Ranjitha Ashok

Festivities mean feasting, especially if it’s one of the Big Ones, like the one that went by not too long ago. Festivals also mean families. Which explains why some faces still look a bit stressed, but that could be guilt over the seemingly endless festive bingeing. But some faces look particularly worn out, almost haunted. […]

More light on Gandhi’s Chennai visits

Ever since we published the photo feature on some places in Madras that are associated with Mahatma Gandhi (MM Oct 16, 2019), we have had a flurry of phone calls, emails and messages via our website. V.R. Devika wrote in to say the Mahatma visited the Theosophical Society. B. Raman posted that he stayed at […]

Madras Men in India’s first English cricket tour – 1

by Karthik A. Bhatt

In the annals of Indian cricket, 1911 will always be a landmark year. In May that year, a squad of sixteen cricketers drawn from across the country embarked on a tour of England, making it the first All India Cricket Tour to that country. It was not the first visit by a team from India […]

Bureaucratic bungling leads to loss of green cover

by The Editor

The story of Kotturpuram Tree Park was literally a breath of fresh air for Chennai. A passion project spanning over a decade in the making, it was built by Nizhal and its troupe of citizen volunteers when in 2006 the Public Works Department (PWD) approached the organisation to green a plot of land on the […]

Teaching quality in Government schools needs major repair

by A Special Correspondent

Disturbing reports of recent events point to poor quality of teachers in government schools affecting the ability of the education system to produce employable pass-outs. Of the 132 lakh students in schools in Tamil Nadu about 60 per cent go to government and aided schools. Inferior education quality has been producing poor quality teachers, perpetuating […]