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Vol. XXIX No. 12, October 1-15, 2019

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City’s infrastructure – a matter of concern

by A Special Correspondent

This month, Chennai has seen an alarming number of deaths due to a negligent city administration. 23-year-old B-tech grad Subhasri fell victim to a traffic accident caused by an illegal hoarding at Pallikaranai; 14-year-old Dheena was killed by an exposed live wire at Dhanam Nagar, Mugalivakkam neighbourhood; 42-year-old Sethuraj was electrocuted when a damaged electric […]

Lost Landmarks of Chennai


Once a centre of learning – Thiruvottriyur

Thank you, Donors

– The Editor

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Smart Chennai – a discussion

by Varsha Venugopal

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs launched the Smart Cities Mission in 2015, which aims to execute ‘smart solutions’ that help develop cities in a people-friendly, sustainable way. Chennai Smart City Limited (CSCL) is the local arm of this initiative. It is also the organisation behind the upcoming Pedestrian Plaza at T-Nagar and other […]

Roses, foxhounds and schoolgirls in uniform — Remnants of the Raj

This article by Ann Leslie dating to the 1990s and its introductory note, handwritten by Mr. S. Muthiah (alongside) were recently discovered among our papers. We are reproducing them here as a tribute to our founder. “At the Ooty club we still like to maintain our traditional standards,” the Secretary, Mrs. Nergish Patel, told me […]

Little-known Italian doctors in Madras in the 1830s

Few Italians have come to Madras in earlier centuries. Notable among them are the Jesuits Constanzo Beschi (Viramamunivar) and Roberto de Nobili. But there were more… Nicolò Manuzzi (1639-1717; read as Manutchi) was a non-Jesuit who came to India from Venice on turning 17. He is believed to have accompanied Richard Coote (the Earl of […]

Huge responsibility for the duo

by Partab Ramchand

That Chennai is the tennis capital of the country is a well-known fact for well over 60 years now. Ever since Ramanathan Krishnan burst upon the scene in the mid- fifties, a player from the southern metropolis has generally been the flag bearer of the sport internationally. Whether Grand Slam events, the ATP Tour circuit […]

When an economy recedes…

By The Editor

The statistics are all in and the newspapers are full of horror stories. The automotive sector is plunged in gloom owing to near-zero off-take for a variety of reasons. Plant after plant is announcing production cuts, planned maintenance holidays, closure for certain days of the week and above all, layoffs. The impact of this is […]