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Vol. XXX No. 17, January 1-15, 2021

Featured Articles

COVID’s impact on real estate

by Our Special Correspondent

Madras Musings reached out to P. Suresh, the Managing Director of Arun Excello, to understand how the city’s real estate industry has weathered the pandemic. The first impact of the pandemic on the city’s real estate industry was when the lockdowns were enforced – construction came to a halt and a large chunk of the […]

Memories of suburban theatres

Jayaraman Raghunathan recalls happy memories of the city’s erstwhile suburban queens of theatres, Eros and Jayanthi.

Saturdays were for Eros The wedding was grand, and I was given a warm and pleasing reception by the parents of both the bride and the groom. Santha Sundara Mahal, the marriage hall, was spacious, well-decorated and could accommodate more than 800 guests. The food was exquisite and the aval payasam lavishly sprinkled with fried […]

When the native town was partitioned

by Karthik Bhatt

The frequent disputes between the Left Hand and Right-Hand castes and their reconciliation presented the East India Company with its biggest challenge in the early days of their administration of the native town that had developed outside Fort St. George. This article recounts an interesting occasion from amongst the many colourful episodes of disputes, one […]

Inscriptions on a temple’s walls bring alive another age

(The writer, a software engineer, is interested in history and Tamil culture and has researched on Tamil Sangam Literature, Chennai history and temples. She runs a YouTube channel in her name, focused on Tamil Literature.)

If walls could talk, the ancient temple at Thiruvotriyur in Chennai would have many a tale to tell – of kings and dancing girls, of a village and taxation, agriculture and trade. Meenakshi Devaraj* provides fascinating glimpses into the past, that the inscriptions on the walls of the Thiruvotriyur temple provide. These epigraphs are treasures […]

50 years and still promoting arts – Brahma Gana Sabha

by V. Karpagalakshmi

The Brahma Gana Sabha (BGS) has been promoting classical arts, theatre and also encourages young performers to showcase their talents. Founded by like-minded friends, some of whom were also the original committee members of Narada Gana Sabha, BGS was established in 1969 and turned fifty in 2019. The sabha was inaugurated on 14 April 1969 […]

Pongal matches – only a memory

by Partab Ramchand

One of the casualties of the packed international cricket calendar is tradition. In the past come what may Test matches in England started only on Thursdays and Tests in Australia would only commence from Friday. In India Calcutta (now Kolkata) would host the Test spread over the New Year period while Madras (now Chennai) would […]

Let’s keep the parks and beaches open

by The Editor

We are not out of the woods as yet as far as Covid 19 is concerned. But it cannot be denied that numbers are falling at present. The State is reporting around 1,200 cases a day, of which about a third is from Chennai. Once again, the statistics are encouraging in the city as well. […]

ISWD project hits stormy waters in ECR

by Our Special Correspondent

Concrete drain under construction with stagnant rainwater. Residents of ECR are protesting the building of storm water drains in their neighbourhoods, fearing that the move will do more harm than good. The storm water drains under contention come under the scope of the Rs. 4,034 crore Integrated Storm Water Drain (ISWD) project which aims at […]