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Vol. XXX No. 6, July 1-15, 2020

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Avail of Current Concern Over Hygiene to Tame Plastics

by A Special Correspondent

While we fight off the coronavirus, the creation of a sustainable hygiene and sanitation environment through appropriate infrastructure and civic practices is crucial. Nearly 20 per cent of Chennai’s solid waste is plastic. The volume and scatter of plastic waste make separation and collection difficult. In turn, low collection leads to clogged pipelines and the […]

Pelicans in the Adyar River

Seetha Ratnakar, who during the lockdown has had ample time to gaze at the Adyar River, sends us this delightful picture of grey pelicans. It was just in December last year that these birds were first spotted along the Adyar estuary after a period of five years. Experts explain that they’ve appeared to feast on […]

Manikkodi – A Magazine Which Brought Many Young Writers to the Fore

by K.R.A. Narasiah

Top row: K. Srinivasan, Va.Ra., T.S. Chokkalingam, Pudumaippiththan (Vridhachalam). Bottom row: C.S. Chellappa, Ku.Pa. Rajagopalan, Chitti Sundararajan and N. Pichamurthy. The first 12 issues of Manikkodi were published in full newspaper-size (eight pages each) format. From the 13th issue onwards, it was halved into a tabloid size with 20 pages; however, the price remained the […]

Fighting the Misinformation Epidemic

by Varsha Venugopal

Image created by Ruth Burrows, submitted for United Nations Global Call Out to Creatives – help stop the spread of Covid-19. In one of the many video clips available of him online, a pleasant-faced, smiling gentleman addresses the camera with a quiet confidence. In Tamil, he breaks the extraordinary news that he has the cure […]


Ranjitha Ashok

Picture courtesy: Sriram V. Ok, Chennai, listen up. Looks like this mega-virus is going to be around for some time. So, simple question: WHERE ARE YOUR MASKS? Sorry – don’t really enjoy yelling, but good people of this city, how many times do you need to be told?You at the back. Yes, that’s right – […]

A Forgotten Biologist of Madras: Alfred Gibbs Bourne

by Dr. A. Raman

Alfred Gibbs Bourne. Source: J.S. Gardiner, Obituary Notices of Fellows of the Royal Society, 1941. History of biology in the Presidency College of Madras (PCM), is usually spoken about from the times of Philip Furley Fyson, a botanist of repute. Little recognition occurs about the times before Fyson here. Before Fyson arrived in Madras to […]

Leander Paes and His Strong Bond with Chennai

by Partab Ramchand

Leander Paes turned 47 on June 17 and at a time like this, I am reminded of our first meeting. In 1988, I entered the Madras Christian College High School campus in Madras which housed the Britannia Amritraj Tennis (BAT) programme courts. Chief coach Dave O’Meara greeted me warmly and in the course of our […]

Thamizh Naadu’s Spelling Changes

by The Editor

The Tamil Nadu (is that correct?) Government, late in the evening of June 10, released a gazette notification of a decision taken on April 1. It proposes a set of English spelling changes – for 1,018 places in the State no less – based on Tamil phonetics. The exercise is commendable in the sense that […]

Why Tamil Nadu Govt. Should Present a Revised Budget

by A Special Correspondent

Should the Government present a revised Budget for 2020-21? Or should it deal with the fiscal situation, worsened by the virus, and, in due course, place before the legislature and the public the details of its revised plan? Constitutional propriety provides the answer to the opposing contentions. Equally important is how the government grapples with […]

The Battle of Tiruvottriyur – 2

by Karthik Bhatt

Royal Firman and the Mughal Emperors Saadatullah Khan I (Continued from last fortnight wherein we ended with Saadatullah Khan, the Nawab of the Carnatic refusing to honour the Mughal Emperor’s firman to hand over five villages to the English.) Saadatullah Khan I was one of the ablest Nawabs of the Carnatic. Named Mohammad Sayeed at […]