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Vol. XXV No. 11, September 16-30, 2015

Quizzin with Ramanan

(Current Affairs questions are from the period August 16 to 31. Questions 11 to 20 pertain to Chennai and Tamil Nadu.)

1. On August 18th, which southern Indian city’s airport became the first in the world to operate completely on solar power?
2. Name the respected Kannada writer and Sahitya Akademi award recipient who was tragically shot dead recently.
3. Who was awarded the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna on August 29th?
4. Name the ‘Waterman of India’ conferred with the prestigious 2015 Stockholm Water Prize on August 26th.
5. The Union Government’s new telemedicine initiative, in collaboration with Apollo Hospitals, to provide healthcare facilities in rural areas is called…?
6. According to scientists belonging to various research organisations, gene THSD7A has been identified as primarily responsible for what worrying health condition in Indians?
7. Which famous road in New Delhi, named after a Mughal emperor, has been renamed after a former President of India, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam?
8. Name the micro-finance company that recently became the first in India to start operations as a full-fledged scheduled commercial bank.
9. Who on August 21st was sworn-in as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka for a fourth time?
10. What is the aim of launched by the Government recently?

* * *

11. Which striking edifice in Fort St. George was built by Coja Nazar Jan, a rich Armenian, in the early 18th Century?
12. Where in Mylapore did the Justice Party release its first non-Brahmin manifesto in 1916?
13. Which institution had its genesis in the Madras Handloom Weavers’ Provincial Co-Operative Society?
14. Which respected industrialist of Chennai is the author of T  Nagar, Andrum Indrum, a boot on the bustling locality?
15. Which distinctly-coloured structure on Mount Road was once called Lawley Hall?
16. What did Cochin House, near Egmore, become in the 1960s?
17. What was held for the first time in Spur Tank, Chetpet, between December 26 and 31, 1927?
18. Whose motto is Swadharme Nidhanam Shreyaha (It is a glory to die doing one’s duty)?
19. If Vippore became Vepery, which was Kiliyur anglicised to?
20. Which church in Madras is dedicated to Our Lady of Health?

Answers to Quiz
1. Cochin International Airport; 2. Dr. M.M. Kalburgi;3. Sania Mirza; 4. Rajendra Singh; 5. Sehat; 6. Obesity;
7. Aurangzeb; 8. Bandhan Bank; 9. Ranil Wickremesinghe; 10. To help students seeking educational loans and ensure no student misses out on higher education due to lack of funds.

* * *

11. Admiralty House, 12. Raju Gramani Thottam near the present day Citi Centre mall, 13. Co-Optex,
14. Nalli Kuuppuswami Chetty, 15. The red Indo-Saracenic building on Mount Road that houses the India Silk House showroom, 16. Asan Memorial School, 17. The All India Music Conference that led to the birth of the December season, 18. The Madras Regiment, 19. Kelly’s, 20. Little Mount Church.

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