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Vol. XXVI No. 20, February 1-15, 2017

Quizzin with Ram’nan

(Quizmaster V.V. Ramanan’s questions are from January 1 to 15. Questions 11 to 20 -relate to Chennai and Tamil Nadu.)

1. In which Capital city was India’s first international -exchange India INX, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bombay Stock Exchange, inaugurated by the PM recently?
2. Which European country -recently became the first one to ban FM broadcasting?
3. Who was the first recipient of the FIFA Best Men’s Player -recently?
4. Name the latest and 79th -organ in the human body whose discovery was announced -recently.
5. Name the new Chief Justice of India.
6. According to a new research, which much appreciated Shake-speare tragedy was not written in 1601 but 1603?
7. In which South Indian city is Apple set to manufacture iPhones in collaboration with Taiwanese company Wistron?
8. Which bank recently showcased its human-sized robot Ira that will be deployed in the -domestic banking space?
9. Which team won its maiden Ranji Trophy recently besting -defending champion Mumbai in the final?
10. Which Indian pair won the doubles title at the Aircel -Chen-nai Open recently?

* * *

11. Which institution in greater Chennai was first named ‘Sheep Farm’ and then ‘Livestock -Research Station’ before getting its present name?
12. Muhammad Ismail had represented the State in Rajya Sabha and been elected to the Lok Sabha from Manjeri in Kerala thrice. He is famous in Chennai because of his title. What was it?
13. Which church dedicated in January 1899 and designed by W.N. Baakson in a Gothic style prides itself in having no wood in its construction?
14. What is the actual name of the auditorium that is commonly called Narada Gana Sabha?
15. At the entrance of which Mylapore school does one find a statue of Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort?
16. In which Armenian Street temple is Shiva also called ‘Pancha Vaahana Sivan’?
17. Under what category has Jaggi Vasudev been given the Padma Vibhushan?
18. Which eminent Chennai-based musicians are behind the publishing house ‘Matrka’?
19. Which institution is chroni-cled in the book ‘Down By The Adyar’ by S. Muthiah?
20. Which Chennai suburb is named after the adopted name of the Tamil scholar Vedachalam?

Answers to Quiz

1. Gandhinagar; 2. Norway; 3.  Cristiano Ronaldo; 4. Mesentery; 5. Justice Jagdish Singh Khe-har; 6. Hamlet; 7. Bengaluru; 8. HDFC; 9. Gujarat; 10. Rohan Bopa-n-na and Jeevan Nedunche-zhiyan.

* * *

11. Post Graduate Research -Institute in Animal Sciences at Kattupakkam; 12. Quaid-e-millat; 13. Church of the Good Shepherd on Radhakrishnan Salai; 14. Sathguru Gnanananda Hall; 15. Santhome; 16. Kachhaleeswarar temple; 17. ‘Other-Spiritualism’; 18. T.M. Krishna and Bombay Jayshri; 19. Madras Boat Club; 20. Maramalai Nagar.

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