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Vol. XXVI No. 07, July 16-31, 2016

Dates for your Diary

Till July 21: Exhibition of Watercolours by artist V. Babu at Studio Palazzo, Nungambakkam.

Till July 22: Triptych, an exhibition of the work of Asma Menon, Gita and Thejo Menon (at Artworld, Sarala’s Art Centre).

July 27-31: Adiperukku and Ayyanaar festival with cultural dances by troupe from Murasu Cultural Community, Kanniyakumari (at DakshinaChitra).

July 31-August 4: Adult workshops on Kerala Murals on Canvas, Bamboo and terracotta (at DakshinaChitra).

Till July 31: Primitive Parallelism, paintings by Hemanth Suryawanshi. Tribal arts and crafts have been the main source of inspiration for Hemanth Suryawanshi (at DakshinaChitra).

Till July 30: Drama in Colour an exhibition by Madhukar Maithani and John Tun Sein (at Apparao Galleries).

Till July 30: The Moon City & The Sun Dream by Bhavna Sonawane and N. Ramachandran (at Apparao Galleries at The Leela Palace).

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