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Vol. XXVII No. 11, September 16-30, 2017

Discovering the City’s markets

City Markets. This was the theme for this year’s edition of the annual Heritage of Chennai power-point project contest for city schools, organised by Mylapore Times.

Twelve schools came up with fascinating stories. And the winner, AMM School of Kotturpuram, bagged the rolling trophy for the team’s research on the markets of Saidapet.

The trio had gone to the bustling market at 7 a.m. and stayed on for a few hours to capture life at that early hour. They learnt how fish at this famed fish market was brought here from different parts of the State and outside. How it was transported, auctioned and sold to big and small retailers. They learnt how land belonging to a temple came to be a market of the city. They located foundation stones that helped them highlight a slice of history. And they spoke to shop-owners and the man who has leased the space to learn more about this market.

Other teams explored other markets.

Automobile spares and accessories on General Patters Road.

Textiles on Mint Street. The potters of Kosapet and the tiled Kalmandapam Market.
Zam Bazaar and the notorious Pudupet auto spares market.

Thaneerthurai Market and Chintadripet Fish Market.

Ambattur’s Fish Market and Burma Bazaar.

Each with fascinating histories and character.
The contest had allowed the children to explore and learn and appreciate. But given the limited scope and time that our schools provide for such highly educative projects, most presentations skimmed the surface.
The children liked the experience though.

Now they know a little more about their area. And of the city.

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