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Vol. XXVII No. 11, September 16-30, 2017

Quizzin’ with Ramanan

(Quizmaster V.V. Ramanan’s questions are from August 16th to 31st. Questions 11 to 20 relate to Chennai and Tamil Nadu.)
1. Name the two sportspersons conferred the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award by President Ram Nath Kovind on August 29th.
2. Dipak Misra became the 45th occupant of which prestigious post on August 28th.
3. Which UNESCO WHS site features as a motif on the reverse of the new Rs. 200 note.
4. On August 21st, which iconic landmark in London ‘fell silent’ so that repairs could be carried out.
5. What Islamic practice was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of India on August 22nd?
6. Name the hurricane that smashed the US end-August, causing major loss of life and property.
7. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, whose arrest and imprisonment recently, led to riots and deaths in Haryana, was the leader of which religious cult group?
8. In possibly the richest fight of all time, whom did Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeat to improve his record to 50-0 and break Rocky Marciano’s 61-year-old record.
9. In its recent report, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture has observed that extreme weather events is costing India how much annually?
10. From which common plant have scientists in the US developed the world’s first plant-based Zika vaccine that may be more effective, safer and cheaper?

* * *

11. If you wanted to buy food essence in bulk, then which road should you go to in Chennai?
12. On which iconic product have the Kumar brothers been doing the Madras Stripes for decades now?
13. According to the Chennai Corporation website, what is the name of the bridge on Pallavan Salai leading to the old jail? It’s commonly called the St. Mary’s bridge?
14. Who was the Governor at Fort St. George in September 1746 when Admiral Bertrand-François Mahé, Comte de La Bourdonnais, ‘seized’ Madras?
15. What is the name of the church (built in 1551) over the cave where St. Thomas is said to have lived?
16. The name of which famous Madras institution founded in 1936 was suggested by Pandit Subramania Sastri?
17. Where in Chennai would you find the Satyagraha movement commemorated?
18. What was imported to Madras for the first time in 1877, by a Major Charles Boswen of the Royal Engineers, from a Paris firm, Michaux?
19. Name the legendary hockey goalkeeper from Madras who won three Olympic gold medals between 1948 and 1956.
20. In June 1788, Josiah du Pre Porcher and Thomas Redhead set up the first formal bank in Madras with its HQ in the Fort. What was it named?

Answers to Quiz

1. Former Indian hockey team captain Sardar Singh and Paralympics double gold medallist Devendra Jhajharia, 2. Chief Justice of India, 3. Sanchi Stupa, 4. Big Ben, 5. ‘Triple Talaq’, 6. Harvey, 7. Dera Sacha Sauda, 8. Mixed martial artist Conor McGregor, 9. $9-10 billion, 10. Tobacco.

* * *

11. Wall Tax Road, 12. Royal Enfield motorbikes, 13. Hutton Bridge, 14. Nicholas Morse, a grandson of Oliver Cromwell, 15. Shrine of Our Lady of Health, 16. Kalakshetra, 17. Fortune Hotel, Cathedral Road (former Chola Sheraton), 18. Bicycle, 19. Ranganathan Francis, 20. Carnatic Bank.

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