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Vol. XXVII No. 18, January 1-15, 2018

Quizzin’ with Ramanan

1. Which South American nation recently launched a crypto-currency called ‘Petro’ to circumvent US-led financial sanctions?

2. Name the youngest of the famous Kapoor brothers and a Dadasaheb Phalke Awardee who passed away recently.

3. Who has been chosen for Time magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’ for 2017?

4. Who won the Ballon D’Or award for the fifth time, equalling Lionel Messi’s record?

5. Which mega religious Indian event has been inscribed in UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity?

6. American scientists have proved the existence of a new form of matter which was first theorised almost fifty years ago. What is it called?

7. On December 1st, which emperor, the first in two centuries in his country, made a declaration that he would abdicate his throne on April 30, 2019?

8. On December 6, Donald Trump made a statement to recognise which city as capital of Israel, leading to political debates globally and a veto by the UN Security Council later?

9. A colony of cave-dwelling horseshoe bats in China’s Yunnan province have been identified as the source for which outbreak in the early 2000s that killed more than 770 people across 37 countries?

10. On December 14th, the Walt Disney Company announced its intent to acquire a large portion of which iconic studio group for $52.4 billion, pending regulatory approval?

* * *

11. What first is attributed to Dr. Abraham Pandithar’s ‘Sangita Vidya Mahajana Sangam’?

12. In which theatre was Keechaka Vadham, considered the first Tamil film, released?

13. Which business house was founded by K.R. Sundaram Iyer and his nephew Easwara Iyer?

14. Enclosed within Anna Salai and Graeme’s Road, this person has nine streets named after him. Who?

15. Which simple dance form, involving no instruments, can be of varieties like Poonthatti, Deepa, Kulavai or Mulaipari?

16. How many prakaram-s and gopuram-s does the Srirangam temple have?

17. Which Madras theatre complex had a discotheque, ‘Nine Gems’, and a restaurant called ‘Navaratna’?

18. Which Bharat Ratna awardee chose the name ‘Tamil Isai Sangam’?

19. For what reason was M.S. Subbulakshmi banned for five years by the Music Academy?

20. With which musical genius would you associate ‘Melhar-mony’, a synthesis of the Eastern and Western schools of music which relies on compositions based on orchestration?

Answers to Quiz

1. Venezuela; 2. Shashi Kapoor; 3. ‘The silence breakers’, mostly women who highlighted sexual harassment; 4. ristiano Ronaldo; 5. Kumbh Mela; 6. Excitonium; 7. Emperor Akihito of Japan; 8. Jerusalem; 9. The deadly 2002-04
ARS virus outbreak; 10. 21st Century Fox.

* * *

11. Held from May 27, 2012, it is considered the first organised Carnatic music conference in the State; 12.
lphinstone; 13. Easun Group; 14. Aziz Ul Mulk; 15. Kummi; 16. Seven and 21 respectively; 17. Safire; 18. Rajaji;
9. Singing Tamil songs in the first section of a concert; 20. The latest Sangita Kalanidhi, Ravikiran.

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