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Vol. XXVII No. 2, May 1-15, 2017

Do you have one of these?


May I request readers of Madras Musings, who undoubtedly share my passion for our endearing city, to help me in my search for missing sketches and greeting cards done by me.

Over the last five decades, my love for Madras has been expressed through the drawings I made of the city – from landmark buildings to bungalows to everyday street scenes – until my eyesight faded and left me unable to see the outside world.

My wife Mahema and I created heritage greeting cards in black and white with my drawings and her crisp texts. They became very popular and we gave the sale proceeds to charity.

Now in my evening years, I wish to compile my sketches of Madras and bring it out as a publication, for which Sujatha Shankar, architect and Convenor of INTACH, Chennai Chapter, is writing the text. But I find that many of my sketches and cards, or copies of them, are not with me. Some artworks were bought by friends for their personal collections or for gifts. May I appeal to each of you reading this, to help me locate some of my drawings and greeting cards that may be with you or with others that you may know of. If they can be brought to our attention for inclusion in the book, they will be returned after use. Looking forward to rediscovering my sketches and greeting cards with your help.

Please contact me at: 2498-2484, 98416-94633,
or Sujatha Shankar at 98410-71062, 2499-4909, 2499-1696,

– Manohar Devadoss

Editor’s Note: Manohar Devadoss is a well-known artist. He has been professionally involved in science, technology and design. He has fought against degenerative eye disease for almost four decades, leaving him almost totally blind. Despite his setbacks, Manohar has remained determined, and, more importantly, curious – traits that have undeniably propelled him in his creative career. He is the author of seven books, including Multiple Facets of my Madurai and From an Artist’s Perspective. He is now working with Sujatha Shankar on a book on Madras.

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