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Vol. XXVII No. 22, March 1-15, 2018

Dates for your Diary

March 7-11: Ugadi Utsav. The five-day long Ugadi celebrations will bring to life the culture of Andhra Pradesh with the traditional Lambadi and Madhuri dance forms by the Abhinaya Sudha Kala Varadi from Telengana (at DakshinaChitra).

March 8-13:


Watercolour landscape paintings from distant and varied countries by artist A. Murugesan (at Lalit Kala Akademi.)

March 10: Heart of Matter, monologues by women (at InKo Centre, Chennai).

March 15-April 30:
Checks and Stripes – The versatile classic of Tamil Nadu. The exhibition will give an insight on the story of Real Madras Handkerchief. The exhibition opens with a seminar on the topic on March 15th (at DakshinaChitra).

Till Mar. 28: Vasantha Vizha. Step out of the classroom and enter the world of art & craft at DakshinaChitra.

Till March 31: Infinity – the paintings of Reji Joseph (at DakshinaChitra).

* * *

DakshinaChitra Workshops Children

March 10: Decoupage. Resource person: Lakshmi (at DakshinaChitra)
Contact: Lakshmi: 984177779

* * *

Art Workshop

March 11: Flower Veni. Resource person: Lalitha

March 17-18: Kalamkari (Figurative style). Resource person: Vijaya Kumar

* * *

Ceramic Workshop

March 10:
Glazed mural painting on tile
Contact Potrasan: 9840672154

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