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Vol. XXVII No. 8, August 1-15, 2017

Quizzin’ with Ramanan

(Quizmaster V.V. Ramanan’s questions are from July 1st to 15th. Questions 11 to 20 relate to Chennai and Tamil Nadu.)
1. What Indian first did a new train launched between Sarai Rohilla in Delhi and Farukh Nagar in Haryana achieve recently?
2. What name has been given to the large super cluster of galaxies located in the direction of constellation Pisces, at 4 billion light years away, that a team of Indian astronomers identified recently?
3. Name China’s most famous political prisoner and a Nobel Peace Laureate who passed away in custody following a battle with cancer.
4. Which 600-year-old walled city has become the first city to be declared a World Heritage City by the World Heritage Committee (WHC) of UNESCO?
5. Name the digital initiative, launched by the former President Pranab Mukherjee, which is an indigenously designed massive open online course that will host all the courses, taught in classrooms from 9th till post-graduation, and can be accessed by anyone.
6. Achal Kumar Jyoti is the new…?
7. A coffee table book Narendra Modi: The Making of a Legend authored by Bindeshwar Pathak was launched recently. For what social initiative is Pathak famous?
8. Which country has renamed part of the South China Sea as the North Natuna Sea?
9. Who on July 15 became the second Spanish player to win the Wimbledon Ladies Singles title?
10. How did ‘Xi-cc++’ make news in the world of science?

* * *

11. Which famous entity’s corporate office is now situated on a place still called ‘Halda Junction’?
12. Who was the first woman to hold the post of Deputy Speaker of the State Legislative Assembly?
13. How does one better know the peer George Frederick Samuel Robinson?
14. After whom is the pavilion at the M.A. Chidambaram Stadium at Chepauk named?
15. Which iconic institution in the metropolis has the motto ‘To make the unseen – seen’?
16. Which educational institution owes its existence to the sale of ‘India House’?
17. Name the dish named after a location in Chennai whose main ingredients include ‘pork, mango, brinjal and drumstick’?
18. Which was the first ‘sister city’ of Madras?
19. Which school was established in the house of a Waddell in Popham’s Broadway in 1842?
20. What title was conferred by the Mughal emperor on Nawab Muhammad Ali of Arcot after the latter’s capture of Pondicherry along with the English?

Answers to Quiz

1. It is India’s first solar powered diesel multiple unit (DEMU) broad gauge train, 2. Saraswati, 3. Liu Xiaobo, 4. Ahmedabad, 5. ‘Swayam’, 6. Chief Election Commissioner, 7. The Padma Bhushan awardee started Sulabh International, 8. Indonesia, 9. Garbine Muguruza, 10. It is a new sub-atomic particle that has been discovered in the LHC at CERN.

* * *

Ashok Leyland, 12. Rukmini Lakshmipathy, 13. First Marquess of Ripon, 14. C.P. Johnstone, 15. Regional Institute of Ophthalmology and Government Ophthalmic Hospital, 16. Madras Institute of Technology, 17. Chinnamalai Pork Curry, 18. Stalingrad (now Volgograd), 19. The Patcheappa’s Preparatory School, the first educational institution from the Pachaiyappa’s trust, 20. Wallajah.

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