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Vol. XXVIII No. 12, October 1-15, 2018

Quizzin’ with Ramanan

(Quizmaster V.V. Ramanan’s questions are from September 1st to 15th. Questions 11 to 20 relate to Chennai and Tamil Nadu.)

1. What major initiative towards financial inclusion was launched by Prime Minister Modi on September 1st with a capital of Rs. 14.35 billion?

2. Who is the author of the recently-released book Moving On, Moving Forward – A Year in Office?

3. Who is the newly-elected Pakistani equivalent of Ram Nath Kovind?

4. Name the new index launched jointly by S&P Dow Jones Indices and BSE Ltd to to measure the performance of private banks?

5. Which Olympic medallist and former World champion has been signed by BSNL as its brand ambassador?

6. According to a recent Supreme Court ruling, what should be the minimum compensation paid to the survivors of rape and sexual assault?

7. Anshula Kant is the new Managing Director of which public sector bank?

8. The National Rail and Transportation Institute (NRTI), India’s first railway varsity, has started operations in which Gujarat city?

9. The 2nd World Hindu Congress, held recently in Chicago, was organised to mark the 125th anniversary of which speech in that city?

10. In which South Indian city has Samsung opened the world’s largest mobile experience centre?

* * *

11. What was the original name of the now non-existent stretch on the Marina that was called Seerani Arangam?

12. Which educational institution has the Fyson clock, named after a former principal and eminent botanist?

13. What first do C.N. Thamotharanpillai and Caroll Visuvanathapillai have in the context of education in the City?

14. Who gifted the Queen Victoria bronze found in the University of Madras complex?

15. The stretch from the Phoenix Mall junction towards the Vijaya Nagar bus terminus in Velachery has been renamed after which religious figure?

16. What structure was built by the Franciscan monk Pedro de Atongia in 1516?

17. Which saint’s shrine is in front of the temple flag-mast at the Kapaleeswarar Temple?

18. What establishment in Mylapore was founded in 1905 by the cousins C. Ramaswamy Aiyangar and C. Ramanujachari?

19. Name the library of Carnatic Music established by a German, Ludwig Pesch, in 1980.

20. Which popular shop for silks and apparels started off as RKT (Thiruvengadam Chettiar) Bros.?

Answers to Quiz

1. India Post Payment Bank, 2. Vice President Venkaiah Naidu,
3. Arif Alvi, 4. S&P BSE Private Banks Index, 5. M.C. Mary Kom,
6. Rs. 4 lakh, 7. SBI, 8. Vadodara, 9. Swami Vivekananda’s speech at the Parliament of the World’s Religions, 10. Bengaluru.

* * *

11. Tilak Ghat (Thilakar Thidal), 12. Presidency College, 13. They are considered the first graduates of the University of Madras, 14. Gode Narayana Gajapathi Raju, Zamindar of Visakhapatnam, 15. Guru Nanak, 16. Luz Church, dedicated to Our Lady of Light, 17. Gnanasambandar, 18. The Students’ Home for destitute boys adjacent to the RKM Vivekananda College, 19. Sampradaya, 20. Rasi Silks.

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