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Vol. XXVIII No. 13, October 16-31, 2018

Recognise the raga?

For the concert audience, identification of ragas is something to look forward to. Some can relate to the raga and recognise a similar song the moment a raga phrase is uttered, yet others carry a pocket book and browse through the raga name once the alapana is over and the song begins. Yet others couldn’t care less about the raga name and are happy to hear the singer as long as the music is pleasant.

There are hundreds and thousands of ragas and it is impossible for a lay person or even musicians to relate to all of them.

But, is it necessary for a rasika to know the name of the raga? Actually rasikas take pride in guessing the raga name. There is a twinkle in their eye when the guess is correct. There are some veterans who have attended concerts for years and have a little notebook where they write the song list and raga names for their own memoirs.

Chari of the Tag group of companies has compiled a lot of raga information, songs, snippets in CDs and there are many rasikas who have heard these and benefitted from this endeavor.

To challenge the rasikas a new event is being organised. Can ragas be identified by a person through sheer listening and an intuitive understanding rather than spelling out the grammar of the notes? It is up to the interested rasikas to find out in a fun-filled way.

A Music Academy – Tag Raga Identification Competition for rasikas is being jointly organised by Music Academy and the Tag Corporation & Ramu Endowments especially for “Carnatic Music Rasikas”. The event will be held at the Main auditorium of the Music Academy on Sunday, October 21st with registration starting at 9.30 a.m.

This event is the first of its kind. Is open to all ages (performing musicians and students of music do not qualify to participate in the event. Earlier winners of the contest will also not qualify to participate again.) Each contestant will be alone… No teams!! Winners will receive cash awards immediately after the event. Certificates to the winners will be given at the Tag Centre, TTK Road on October 28 at 10 a.m.

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