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Vol. XXVIII No. 16, December 1-15, 2018

Quizzin’ with Ramanan

(Quizmaster V.V. Ramanan’s questions are from November 1st to 15th. Questions 11 to 20 relate to Chennai and Tamil Nadu.)

1. On November 1st, who became the fifth Indian cricketer to be formally inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame?

2. The Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has decided to cut listing time for an IPO to how many days from the six at present?

3. Name the only Indian film that made it to BBC’s recent list of 100 best foreign language films?

4. Which UP district was renamed as Ayodhya by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on November 7th?

5. Which cricketer has been signed up by Bharat Matrimony as its brand ambassador?

6. Which multinational software corporation is buying Qualtrics International Inc., whose software gathers and analyses data, for $8 billion, its largest acquisition ever?

7. Notes of a Dream is the new authorised biography of which Indian music icon?

8. For which State has the Supreme Court approved a separate High Court, the 25th such Court in India?

9. On November 9th, who became the first Indian and Asian woman cricketer to score a century in T20s?

10. Whose birthday was celebrated as ‘National Education Day’ on November 11th.

* * *

11. Chennai resident Dr. T.S. Kanaka, who passed away recently, is considered the first woman surgeon in Asia for which specialisation?

12. Name the 18th Century queen of Sivaganga who opposed British rule much before the 1857 uprising.

13. Name the choultry which ran the first organised charity in Madras and has sheltered and fed people since 1782.

14. Which theatre group that turned 15 recently was founded by Karthik Kumar and Sunil Vishnu?

15. Which station recently became the first in Southern Railway to be awarded Green Building Certification by the CII?

16. Which public place in Chennai, in its heyday, had at least 11 ponds, nearly 9 km of road, a bandstand, public bath, a couple of tennis courts and a small zoo?

17. On New Year’s Day in 1933, the Kalyani daughters gave the first public performance of which art form at My Ladye’s Garden?

18. Who founded the Chennapuri Andhra Mahasabha on George Town in 1914?

19. What institution is now located in Clive Gardens in Vepery?

20. In 1692, from which progeny of Aurangazeb did the English get the right to mint money at Fort St. George?

Answers to Quiz

1. Rahul Dravid, 2. Three, 3. Satyajit Ray’s Pather Panchali, 4. Faizabad, 5. M.S. Dhoni, 6. SAP, 7. A.R. Rahman, 8. Andhra Pradesh, 9. Harmanpreet Kaur, 10. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, first Education Minister of independent India.

* * *

11. Neurosurgery, 12. ‘Veeramangai’ Rani Velu Nachiyar, 13. Monegar Choultry (Kanji Thottam), 14. Evam, 15. Chennai Central, 16. People’s Park, 17. Bharata Natyam, 18. Sir P. Theagaroya Chetty, 19. Young Women’s Christian Association’s Madras branch, 20. Muhammad Kam Bakhsh.

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