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Vol. XXVIII No. 17, December 16-31, 2018

Quizzin’ with Ramanan

(Quizmaster V.V. Ramanan’s questions are from November 16th to 30th. Questions 11 to 20 relate to Chennai and Tamil Nadu.)

1. Which form of music that originated in Jamaica in the late 1960s was recently added to UNESCO’s coveted list of “intangible heritage”?

2. Which story-dialogue writer was honoured with IFFI 2018 Special Award for his lifetime contribution to cinema?

3. In which place in Uttar Pradesh was the country’s first specialised hospital for elephants unveiled on November 17th?

4. Which country has created an ‘artificial sun’ whose temperature reaches 100 million °C, six times that of the Sun’s core?

5. Which five-lettered word has been chosen as the “Word of the Year 2018” by Oxford Dictionary?

6. Which organisation has won the 2018 Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development?

7. The Jolly Grant airport, which is now renamed after Atal Behari Vajpayee, serves which city?

8. Which Asian cricketer recently became the fastest to complete the double of 200 wickets and 3000 runs in the history of Test cricket?

9. In which weight category did boxer Mary Kom recently win her sixth World crown?

10. Which famous industrialist was recently conferred “Chevalier del la Legion d’Honneur”?

* * *

11. Which legendary builder from Madras once owned 99 houses and did not buy the 100th stating it would bring ill-luck?

12. What was the peerage name of the husband of Governor-General Lord Dalhousie’s daughter Susan after whom a magnificent edifice in Egmore is named?

13. Which famous 19th Century French sculptor was so fascinated with the bronzes in the Madras Museum that he wrote a monograph on them?

14. Which popular hotel in Chennai is located in the Munagala House, the property of the Zamindar of Munagala?

15. Which club was started in June 1929, when 25 leading government officials found the Cosmopolitan Club too elite even for them?

16. St George’s Cathedral is identical in design with which London church?

17. Which child care institution for under 5-year-olds came about thanks to former Chief Minister K. Kamaraj and social worker Manjubhashini?

18. The Government of Madras’s first ‘botanist and naturalist’ has lent his name to a much-feared snake. Name him.

19. Where in Chennai can you see a magnificent marble and soapstone temple to Lord Shanthinath, the 16th Tirthankara?

20. Which century-old centre of learning started its life in Hyde Park Gardens, Kilpauk?

Answers to Quiz

1. Reggae, 2. Salim Khan, 3. Mathura, 4. China, 5. Toxic, 6. Centre for Science and Environment(CSE), 7. Dehradun, 8. Shakib Al Hasan, 9. Light Flyweight, 10. Azim Premji

* * *

11. T. Namberumal Chetty, 12. Connemara, 13. Auguste Rodin, 14. Hotel Ashoka in Egmore, 15. Presidency Club, 16. St. Martin-in-the-Fields, 17. Bala Mandir, 18. Patrick Russell of Russell’s Viper fame, 19. On G.N. Chetty Road in T’ Nagar, 20. Women’s Christian College.

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