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Vol. XXVIII No. 21, February 16-28, 2019

Dates for Your Diary

Till February 28: Invisible Truth – an art exhibition organised by the interns of DakshinaChitra. The exhibition will showcase the hidden truth behind nature and the rituals followed through installations, sculptures, reliefs etc. and the importance of the five elements in human life (at DakshinaChitra).



February 23-24: Workshop on Spanish tile making hosted by the ceramic centre, DakshinaChitra. The sessions include making tiles with Indian drawings and the use of decorative technique on clay surfaces for raw glazing, or bisque fired surfaces (at DakshinaChitra). For more information and to register for workshop contact Potrarasan @ 98406 72154.

Dates 3

Till February 24: Haryana Festival. The festival aims to bring together the rich and diverse traditions of Haryana culture, highlighting the dance forms and crafts of the State. Navyug Art and Culture Centre will perform Phaag, Ghumar, Bhamlehari and Dhamal dance forms. The dance is a combination of songs involving vibrant dance movements which conveys in a capsule the true essence of Haryanvi folk. As part of the festival, craftsmen from Haryana will display and sell wooden crafts and textiles (at DakshinaChitra).

February 23-March 4: Interlace by Sonamou-Korean Artists’ Collective in collaboration with INKO centre Chennai.

Thirteen members of a group called Sonamou, a Korean Artists’ Collective based in Paris, France, along with French artist, will present an exhibition at DakshinaChitra and a workshop at InKo Centre. For further details call: 9841266149.

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