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Vol. XXIX No. 10, September 1-15, 2019

Our Readers Write

Remembering Mr. S. Muthiah

I was going through the August 2019 issue of Madras Musings when I thought of sending you this note narrating my interaction with Mr. S. Muthiah and how Madras Musings inspired us in Kochi.

Madras Musings is an extraordinary idea given shape by its legendary founder Mr. S. Muthiah.

I recall having a couple of conversations with Mr. Muthiah seeking his help for getting information (that is lying buried in the archives of the erstwhile Madras Presidency) about Cochin.

His suggestion was that we engage a young student to dive into the realms of information lying in the Archives. Somehow we never got to proceeding with suggestion. That idea though is still in the must do list. Perhaps now under the aegis of INTACH Kochi.

Incidentally when I was President of Cochin Chamber in 2006-08 we started a monthly by the name Cochin Chronicle borrowing the idea from Madras Musings. This too was supported by Kochi organisations as a public service. It survived for a while but does not exist anymore.

Though much belated, this note I share with you as a tribute to S. Muthiah.

Jose Dominic
Co-founder CGH Earth
(Former Convenor INTACH Kochi, now co-convenor)

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