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Vol. XXIX No. 13, October 16-31, 2019

Our Readers Write

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Note: It is not often that The Man from Madras Musings gets mail directly. They are more often addressed to the editor and complain bitterly about his (MMM’s) barbs at various kinds of humbug that goes on in our city. MMM expresses his delight at having received a letter, and what’s more it having reached him despite being rather vaguely addressed.

Dear Mr. MMM,
Many is the time I have wanted to write to you, especially after having laughed heartily over your column in Madras Musings.

This time I am writing because some one else besides me has seen the humour in URBAN CLAP.
Each time I saw the advertisement on TV I would grin to myself.
If the name has originated from New Delhi, I am not surprised. They are the most half-baked people ever.
However, if it is from Bombay, I am sorry for that means the refining influence of the cultured Parsis is over. The new breed has a puffed up quality in the advertising world.
I have been an admirer of Mr. Muthiah – met him a few times. I have seen Mr. Sriram with him and think he is a worthy disciple. And of course, I love Madras.
This letter is actually unusual as I am writing it with a steel pen dipped in ink. I am one of an endangered species – a letter-writer.
My regards to She who must be obeyed and yourself.
A friend of MM
Vimala Padmaraj

P.S.: Whats a letter without a P.S.?
The Rakhi cover is because I am a nut who must buy anything new from the post-office.
PPS: When will people realise that Clap is English slang for VD or STD??

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