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Vol. XXIX No. 14, November 1-15, 2019

Our Readers Write

Expecting more

The article on Nicolo Manuzzi is a very interesting one. Readers expect more writings on this topic.

Krishnan R
Chennai 600 063

Highlighting rock sculptures

The choice of the temple town of Mahabalipuram for the Summit is to be appreciated by every Tamilian. The Kuthuvilakku and Kanchipuram shawl woven with the face of the visiting president were also good gifts. However, the unique sculptures being made at present by hundreds of trained craftsmen in the town could have also been highlighted. Besides the statues of our gods and goddesses, they also have many beautiful sculptures of Buddha. The state and central govts should take extra efforts for the export of these fine pieces of present day rock sculptures. This would help the artisans as well as boost the economy of India.

Usha Sundar
43, 24th Cross St.
Padmavathi Nagar
Chennai 600126

Gandhi and I

Madras Musings (Vol. XXIX, No.13) is to be preserved, at least I feel so. For reasons that it carried pictures in its centre pages which are dear to my heart in many ways.
I was a student at the Hindu Theological High School, when Sri S. Balakrishna Joshi (later titled ‘Kulapathi’) was the Head Master, in 1944. I passed with an SSLC from this school. I used to go to the YMCA Esplanade, to play Table Tennis almost every day evening in 1946-49 and the adjoining Ramakrishna Hotel provided good tiffin. I was also a Table Tennis player in the YMIA (Gokhale Hall) with its beautiful bust of Annie Beasant. I have heard Rajaji in this Hall and music kutcheri by Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar with a large troupe of accompaniments.
I was a regular Charka Spinner in those days and wore only Khadi dhoti. It cost 6 annas (it was coarse) but one had to give one chittam of yarn spun for which a small amount – one anna or so, I think – would be deducted from the 6 annas (in the Sarvodaya Sang shop).
When Mahatma Gandhiji visited Madras in 1946, he was in the Congress Office (in Broadway) one afternoon; and 8 young boys (or 10 I do not clearly remember) were selected to ply the Charkha (4 on each side sitting on the floor) while Gandhiji passed through. I was one of these eight and thus had a close darshan of the Mahatma. (I am now in my 90th year) How blessed I am indeed!
About the Marina – ‘Thilakar Thidal’ – I remember Cheddi Jagan and LFS Burnham from British Guyana spoke seeking India’s support for their Independence struggle (British Guiana). Sri Chengalvarayan, an excellent disciple of Sri

Satyamurti presided.
Dr. K.S. Srinivasan
1253, 66th Street
Korattur, Chennai 600 080

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