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Vol. XXIX No. 2, May 1-15, 2019

Quizzin’ with Ram’nan

A short quiz on the life and career of a respected family friend, Guru, well-wisher, historian (chronicler) and writer synonymous with this wonderful city.

1. Where was S. Muthiah born and what does the initial S stand for?

2. A qualified engineer, from which prestigious Ivy League university did Muthiah get a Masters degree in International Relations?

3. It is well-known that he worked at The Times of Ceylon for about 17 years before returning to India in the late 1960s. What prompted his return?

4. Passionate about sports (especially rugby), Muthiah wrote a widely-read weekly column in The Times of Ceylon for many years. What was it called?

5. Muthiah retired from active service as head of one of India’s best-known corporate group’s cartography printing company. Which one?

6. A man with passion for news throughout his career, he was a visiting faculty (teaching reporting) at a well-known centre of learning’s journalism course (of which the QM was a student). Name the institute now based in Mylapore.

7. In 1980, he produced a tome about Madras’ cultural, historical and architectural heritage which is now in its ninth edition and revered by the lovers of the metropolis. Name the original title and its present name.

8. Apart from his myriad books on Madras, the prolific author also wrote on remarkable institutions. So tell me, what were the subject of the books Getting India on the Move, Down by the Adyar and A Planting Century?

9. Going with the above theme, he wrote a handful of biographies of achievers. Looking Back From ‘Moulmein’ and Born To Dare dealt with which two prominent residents of Madras?

10. One of his many labours of love is this 28-year-old wonderful newsletter that you are now reading. In which month and year did Vol 1, Issue 1 come out?

11. He was also instrumental in launching a companion volume to Madras Musings which, as he once told me, was ‘for women, about women and by men and women’! Name this magazine.

12. A regular contributor to The Hindu, history was made on November 15, 1999. How?

13.His short-lived column in The Hindu that told tales ‘travelling on the five main roads that led out of the Fort in the city’ was called…?

14.What did Muthiah start to bring together booklovers and discuss literary works at least once a fortnight?

15.On March 7, 2002, Muthiah was recognised by the Queen with an award for his relentless pursuit for the conservation and protection of Madras’ historic environs. Name the award bestowed on him.

Answers to Quiz

1. He was born at Pallathur in April 1930 and Subbiah (Chettiar); 2. Columbia University; 3. Citizenship rules in that country; 4. ‘By the Corner Flag’; 5. TT Maps (part of the TTK Group); 6. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan; 7. Madras Discovered and Madras Rediscovered; 8.The Simpson Group, Madras Boat Club and United Planters’ Association of Southern India (UPASI); 9. April 1991; 10. AMM Arunachalam and Lt. Gen. I.S. Gill; 11. Eve’s Touch; 12.The Hindu MetroPlus supplement of that date carried the first of his 970 columns called Madras Miscellany; 13.‘Madrascapes’; 14. Madras Book Club; 15.‘Honorary Member of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire’.

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