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Vol. XXIX No. 20 , February 1-15, 2020

Heritage Watch

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Our old dating to 1928 is of the RSRM Choultry in all its glory, just 40 years after it was built. Our not so new dates to 2008, when the building was run as a hotel, and was well‑maintained, all its wings in full use.

Our new, dating to 2020 and taken by Rahul Jaywant Bhise, a student of the Asian College of Journalism, shows the façade in all its glory but now a hollow shell, with the rest of the building having been done away with.

The E. Padmanabhan Committee Report classified this building (no 156, page 243) as belonging to category 2a – a structure possessing aesthetic, cultural and architectural merit. Sadly only the façade has been considered worthy of retention.

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