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Vol. XXIX No. 20 , February 1-15, 2020

Our Readers Write

More focus on the present please

I am writing this to record my enjoyment and appreciation of two of your brilliant pieces in the recent issue of Madras Musings – one on Sridhar-Bharanidharan-Marina and the other comparing the audiences for music and for dance in the MMM column; hilarious and so true! Look for more!

The Bharanidharan piece struck a chord in me: I was a resident of Purasawakkam during 1944-54 and resided for a while in Vellala Street.
As a reader/contributor to Madras Musings, I see more of history and forays into the past. Please do also give space for the present and a peep into the future.

S. Viswanathan
Editor & Publisher
Industrial Economist

Cho at his best

The article Nani Palkhivala in Madras (MM, January 16‑31, 2020) brought back nostalgic memories of a meeting I had attended. When the meeting commenced, Cho Ramaswami was to present Palkhivala to the audience. Cho took the mike and said, ‘Mr. Palkhivala is a lawyer.’ The well-read audience who knew Pakhivala to be a renowned lawyer laughed out loud at his statement. Cho stood unperturbed and when the crowd calmed down, said with a mischievous smile, ‘I am also a lawyer!’ The crowd went into raptures and it took a long time for their clapping to stop.

Tharcius S. Fernando
10, First Street
AVM Nagar
Chennai 600 092

Humurous & interesting

I agree with what Mr. Srikanth has expressed in his letter to the Editor, regarding the new MMM’s sense of humor. The last issue regarding old calendar cardboards which are never thrown away because they have Divine pictures on them, and how they are left with nails after the daily sheets are torn off is true of almost every South Indian household. The issue of audience participation at music festivals is again enjoyable and very true.

Such articles of simple day-to-day happenings tinged with humor will make the reader feel a sense of participation with the magazine as we can relate to these incidents better. Hope MMM keeps it up.

Prema Raman
88, Harrington Road, Chetput
Chennai 600 031

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