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Vol. XXIX No. 24, April 1-15, 2020

Quizzin’ With Ramanan

Quizmaster V.V. Ramanan’s questions are from March 1 to 15. Questions 11 to 20 relate to Chennai and Tamil Nadu.

1. Name the legendary former CEO of General Electric who passed away on March 1?

2. Name Egypt’s oldest pyramid (4700 years old) that opened to the public after a 14-year restoration.

3. What momentous announcement was made by WHO on March 12?

4. Gairsain town is to be the summer capital of which Indian State?

5. Which West Indian recently became the first player in the history of T20 cricket to feature in 500 matches?

6. To create awareness about the use of generic medicines in India, the ‘Jan Aushadhi Diwas’ is celebrated on which date in March?

7. According to the 1st edition of ‘Gender Social Norms Index (GSNI) 2020’, released by the UNDP, which of India’s neighbours has the highest number of bias against women?

8. Who won the inaugural BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) Indian Sportswoman of the year award 2019?

9. On March 5, Google announced that it will open second cloud region in India, after Mumbai, by 2021. In which city?

10. Which small European nation recently became the first country in the world to make all forms of public transport free?

* * *

11. Which Pallava ruler was called Mamalla?

12. On the banks of which river is Kancheepuram located?

13. How does one better know the film personality Meenakshisundaram Ramasamy Viswanathan?

14. To which infamously famous business house did the 18th Century Lautour & Co. metamorphose into?

15. Name the siblings who were Governors of Madras at different times between 1891 and 1911?

16. On the above theme, name the first Indian to hold the post (albeit acting) for three months in 1934?

17. Which church, consecrated in 1680, was built by William Dixon, Chief Gunner of the East India Company?

18. Name the first superintendent of the Communicable Diseases Hospital (CDH) largely responsible for the eradication of smallpox in Madras?

19. With which film pioneer would one associate Gajalakshmi Productions and Star of the East studio?

20. What does SGS stand for SGS Sabha?

Answers to Quiz

1. Jack Welch, 2. Stepped Pyramid for Djoser at Saqqara, 3. It declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, 4. Uttarakhand, 5. Kieron Pollard, 6. March 7, 7. Pakistan, 8. P.V. Sindhu, 9. New Delhi, 10. Luxembourg.

* * *

11. Narasimhavarman I, 12. Vegavati, 13. Actor-director Visu, who passed away recently, 14. Arbuthnot & Co., 15. Beilby Lawley, 3rd Baron Wenlock, and Arthur Lawley, 6th Baron Wenlock, 16. Khan Bahadur Sir Mohammad Usman, 17. St. Mary’s Church inside the Fort, 18. Dr Ayyagari Ramachandra Rao, 19. Raghupathy Venkayya of Gaiety, Crown and Roxy theatres fame, 20. Samyukta Gowda Saraswata.

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