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Vol. XXIX No. 4, June 1-15, 2019

Remembering S. Muthiah

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A Journalist for 68 years, Columnist for 58 years, wrote on all things Madras for 48 years, an Author for 38 years and Editor of Madras Musings for 28 yrs, this is how Sashi Nair, Editor, PII, opened his talk on Mr. Muthiah.

He was speaking at the remembrance event organised for Mr. Muthiah at the Madras Literary Society (MLS) on Saturday, 18th May. The event was well attended by admirers, friends and family.

Ms. Thirupurasundari, Secretary, MLS, started the proceedings by recalling how Mr. Muthiah was happy to see the efforts being undertaken to ­revive the institution. He continued to be a source of support. Manohar Devadoss regaled the audience by playing a tune from Bob Hope’s, Buttons and Bows, on his harmonica, a tune he had played for Mr. Muthiah many years ago. V. Sriram, Captain D.P. Ramachandran, Anwar Kombai and N. S. Yamuna were the other speakers, which also saw members from the audience sharing their experiences.

As V. Sriram rightly put it, Mr. Muthiah taught us about our own past and the best way to remember him would be to carry his work forward. The event came to close with a vote of thanks by Ms. Jaya Mahbubani, member-volunteer, MLS.

– Rajith Nair


The Madras Local History Group held a meeting at Arkay Convention Centre on May 11, 2019, to condole the passing of Mr Muthiah. Venkatesh Ramakrishnan welcomed the gathering and spoke of how much of present day writing on the city’s past is based on what Mr. Muthiah wrote.

Kombai Anwar recalled his association with the late chronicler from the year Madras Musings was started. He emphasised Mr. Muthiah’s interest in photography and printing.

Sudha Umashanker spoke on her association with Mr. Muthiah from the 1980s when he conducted classes on journalism. She recalled how he would come in his premier Padmini to Thakkar Bapa Vidyalaya where the classes were held and how he was so concerned about correct English.

– Venkatesh Ramakrishnan

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