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Vol. XXX No. 19, February 1-15, 2021

Pavithra’s Perspective

Eyes Wide Open

Go on a heritage walk, they said. Pick the Chennai High Court, they said. Aware as I was that Madras’s most mundane corners held the most intriguing snippets of history, I was unprepared for the sheer beauty of the best of Indo-Saracenic architecture … and unaware that my journey into perfection was only beginning.

We wandered through the corridors, my fellow heritage-seekers and I, discovering ravishing arches, intricate panels and corridor after corridor that led into chambers, libraries, alcoves – and into those hallowed halls, the courtrooms. Here had history been made; thieves, rogues, murderers – saints, heroes and innocents had all trudged through these doors, listened to counsel’s arguments for and against, the bangs of gavels, the drone of voices, … and perhaps, during those long hours awaiting judgment, they happened to glance up. And noticed the beautiful artwork decorating the ceiling.

Perhaps they gazed at it, resentful of the delicate brushwork as their fate hung in the balance. Perhaps they stared at the curves and embellishments without really seeing, their senses far, far away. Perhaps they gaped at it, stunned by the symmetry of the design. Perhaps they even wondered who had gone to all the trouble of painting ceilings never seen by anyone.

Well, we did.

Description: 3.5” by 5” approximately
Medium: Black and White Micron Pens:
0.20mm and 0.35mm.

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