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Vol. XXXI No. 17, December 16-31, 2021

Archives: Vol. XXXI No. 17, December 16-31, 2021


An urgent need to define Heritage

by The Editor

The recent exchanges between the judiciary and the executive as to what constitutes heritage opens an entire debate on what is sustainable and what is not. That this discussion has come about is by itself a good thing as we may hope for some clarity on what is the official policy to be as far as heritage is concerned. At the same time, given the tendency of those in power to dither forever on matters not concerned with votes, this debate may prolong, when in the meanwhile, a lot of heritage may just vanish in front of our eyes. There is no point in emerging with a heritage policy after all that is worth preserving has been done away with. Urgency is the need of the hour, but with clarity in thought and purpose. Our bureaucracy is not known for either of these talents. Taken together it may be an impossibility.

Last week, the Government of Tamil Nadu in a response to the High Court of Madras stated that while it had begun taking action on 38 of the latter’s 78 directions, there were others that require clarity. The most important of these is the directive to classify all temples, chariots, jewellery, sacred groves and artefacts over 100 years of age as ‘national monuments’. The State Government has responded giving certain difficulties in implementing this. The foremost among these is the fact that temples have traditionally been nuclei around which localities have developed. Declaring them as monuments would necessitate clearing 100 metres in all directions around these and that would mean extensive land acquisition problems and also displacing people.

While the Government’s concern is genuine enough, it must be pointed out here that this where some flexibility in thinking is needed. A blind ­following of the 100 m rule is just not feasible and considering that the ASI and the Government have singularly failed in implementing this in structures already declared ­national monuments, this excuse is not valid at all.


GCC & CSCL announce plans to trade in carbon offsets

by our Special Correspondent

According to a recent news report in the New Indian Express, the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) and Chennai Smart City Limited (CSCL) are joining hands to trade carbon offsets in the international market.


Heritage Watch: The Whittling Down of Heritage

Pictures courtesy: William Satish.


Season Special: The Genius of M.S. Subbulakshmi

by Murari

MS Subbulakshmi performing at the UN, pic courtesy The Hindu.

MS Subbulakshmi performing at the UN, pic courtesy The Hindu.


Me, My Husband, and the Chennai Music Season

by Sujatha Chandramouli

Picture courtesy: Sruti magazine

Picture courtesy: Sruti magazine.