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Vol. XXIX No. 12, October 1-15, 2019

Thank you, Donors

– The Editor

Rs. 100: Mrs. P.L. Reddy, A. Meenakshisundaram, A. Uthandaraman, S. Nadana Guru, P. Srivathsan, Dr. G. Sundaram
Rs. 200: Mrs. N. Subramanian, R.S. Pillai, A.P. Ellappan, Somasundaram Challa
Rs. 400: J. Mariaos, C.T. Kurien, H.D. Dhunjeebhoy, S.S.R. Wayte, M. Gandhirajan, K.J.M. Shetty
Rs. 500: V.K. Parthasarathy, Ms. S. Rajalakshmi, A.R. Dharma Raja, Dr.S. Ramanathan
Rs. 900: M. Unni, R. Sridharan
Rs. 1000: N. Raghavan
Rs. 1500: Shreesh Chaudhary
Rs. 1900: R. Azhagarajan
Rs. 4900: Dr.P.R. Sundaravadivelu

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