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Understanding Bharati

The article by K.R.A. Narasiah on Understanding Bharati – differing perceptions (MM, Dec.1st, 2020) makes interesting reading. It is well-researched and well presented.

Bharati was recognised by the discriminating few during his lifetime. It was only after his premature death that his reputation developed. Even The Hindu of 13 Sept 1921 (The day after Bharati’s demise), in its editorial mentioned him as “An ardent nationalist, a great thinker, a shining speaker and a powerful writer” without touching on his poetic genius and his creative energy.

R. Soundararajan
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A confident approach during uncertain times

My family and I wanted to send some gifts to my aunt in the US for a very special occasion. This was the first time I was sending a parcel to another country. I asked around and a very reliable person in office wrote me a number as the ‘abroad’ packer and the name of the person and company.

I called and the voice at the other end was eager and enthusiastic. I asked him if I needed to come to his office. He said he would come home. The next day he arrived on a two-wheeler and had come prepared with a digital spring balance, packing material and sealing machine. He was probably in his mid forties.

I asked him his name and the company he worked for. “Sivaraman”, he stated. He surveyed the stuff that was to be sent and started carefully packing the textile materials ensuring that it was creaseless. The other sundry items were also packed and skillfully arranged. He shared his knowledge about the international courier services people who could be quite unconcerned when they rummaged through the carton for security and x-ray scans.

“Anything else Madam”, he asked.” You can even send pickles and I can assure you that not a single drop of oil will spill over”. He was well versed in the subtle cultural homemade foodstuffs carried in these parcels. “You can even send some sweets”. He said adding some lines on how parcels send emotions. “They will be happy”.

“You are coming from this company right?” I asked him. There was this niggling doubt at the back of my mind which I needed to clarify. He looked at me “Madam please believe me, I will ensure that it will be sent today”. He said. “I do not work in that company anymore. I was asked to leave in April. I looked around for another job but we are in a very tough situation. Finally with the help of a very special person, my guru, who guided me through these troubled times, I applied for an agent’s license in July and I am now operating on my own.” He pulled out his phone and opened whatsapp. “These are my clients. Yesterday I handled 9 parcels, including medicines. Today I have six requests,” he emphasised.

He had finished the packing. “I will need your Aadhar number.” He offered to get a photocopy of my Aadhar card. I gave it to him and he returned, writing the label addresses in neat handwriting, following certain procedures.

He had finished his work. Before leaving he sought for more business. “Please let me know for any contacts Madam,” he stated. “I hope to open my office somewhere soon and who knows I may even employ two or three people,” he shared his professional dreams of a not too distant future. “Next time I will definitely give you my card Madam,” he told. I wished him well and was moved by his spirited will to work on his own during these uncertain Covid times.

– Latha Ramaseshan

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