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Vol. XXX No. 7, August 1-15, 2020

Quizzin’ with Ramanan

Quizmaster V.V. Ramanan’s first 10 questions are on current affairs and next 10 on Krishna and Ganesha, whose festivals are being celebrated in August.

1. Name the initiative launched by the Union HRD ministry that provides psycho-social support to students, teachers and parents and addresses issues related to mental health and emotional well-being.

2. Name the renowned mathematician, founder of the Chennai Mathematical Institute, who passed away recently.

3. The United Nations on July 20th observed the first-ever ‘Day’ for which game, said to have had its origins in India, which has produced a five-time World champion?

4. Name the global tech giant with which CBSE has collaborated to integrate AI in high school curriculum of 2020-2021.

5. Recently, for the first time ever, the Indian Railways loaded a special parcel train beyond the country’s borders to deliver a bio-product. Name the product and country.

6. Chandrikapersad Santokhi, an Indian-origin leader, has been elected the President of which South American nation that has Paramaribo as its capital.

7. The Drug Controller General of India recently gave the approval for the first fully indigenously developed ‘Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Conjugate Vaccine’ against which common ailment?

8. Which eminent Indian space scientist has been awarded the prestigious Von Karman Award by International Academy of Astronautics (IAA)?

9. Whisky brand Johnnie Walker has said it would trial the use of which material to make its bottles: jute, paper or seaweed?

10. Which World Heritage edifice reverted to being a mosque after being a museum for more than 85 years?

* * *

11. Apart from the Ganesha Purana, which other Purana is dedicated to the elephant-headed God?

12. While studying in the ashram of which Rishi did Krishna and Sudama become friends?

13. Which famous freedom-fighter is credited with starting the concept of community Ganesha utsavs so famous in western India?

14. Name the mace and conch that is used by Krishna.

15. Kroncha or Krauncha is an integral part of Ganesha’s life. How?

16. Which important character in the Mahabharata was the sister of Krishna’s father Vasudeva?

17. Because of which distinctive feature is Ganesha also called ‘Lambodhara’?

18. Who founded the International Society for Krishna Consciousness?

19. With what substance did Parvati ‘create’ Ganesha?

20. With relation to Krishna, who are the Ashtabharyas or Ashta-bharyas?

Answers to Quiz

1. Manodarpan, 2. C.S. Seshadri, 3. Chess, 4. IBM, 5. Chillies and Bangladesh, 6. Suriname, 7. Pneumonia, 8. ISRO chairperson K. Sivan, 9. Paper, 10. Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

* * *

11. Mudgala Purana, 12. Sandipani, 13. Bal Gangadhar Tilak, 14. Kaumodaki and Panchajanya, 15. He is the mouse vahana of the God, 16. Kunti, 17. His big belly, 18. A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, 19. Turmeric/body paste, 20. His eight principal queen-consorts.

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