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Vol. XXXIII No. 4, June 1-15, 2023

The T. Nagar Skywalk

About the photographer

Hemamalini is a professional project manager with a passion for photography. In the course of almost a decade, her camera has frozen in time scores of performances on the Chennai stage across classical music, dance and even discourse.

Hema is smitten by the city and enjoys exploring its sights and sounds, her trusty camera by her side. It was on one such expedition that Hema chanced to be at Ranganathan Street on the day the new skywalk was inaugurated by Chief Minister M.K. Stalin. Madras Musings is glad to present a few snaps from the occasion.

Captions for Pictures 1-3: Striking at first sight: The new skywalk sports a beautiful aesthetic, in terms of its structural design as well as its artistic embellishments.

Captions for Pictures 4-5: “I covered some 300 metres of the vegetable market below when I paused to enjoy the view,” says Hema. With trains chugging away merrily on one side and the lively market on the other, the skywalk offers sights to savour.

Caption for Picture 6: Snaking through traffic: A view of the skywalk from the T. Nagar bus stand.

Captions for Pictures 7-9: Strictly for commuters: Efforts have been made to make the skywalk safe and hassle-free for commuters making their way to and fro T. Nagar and Mambalam. The signboard makes it clear that hawkers are not allowed to set up shop while CCTV cameras keep a watch. The skywalk also has an elevator for easy access from Ranganathan Street as well as Usman Road, in addition to a ramp for the differently-abled. It also has a public address system.

Caption for Picture 10: Rest rooms catering to various sections of people.

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  1. vijee says:

    Thank you for these excellent pictures by amateur photographer Hemamalini. A while ago, I was at a Chennai-related talk and someone read a Tamil poem about Ranganathan Street. The lines conjured up a fascinating image. *The street is so crowded, it is better to leave your shadow behind. Better still, send your shadow in to do the shopping — does feel like there is room only for 2D versions of people.* The overpass/skywalk should do its bit to help ease the congestion, one imagines!

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