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Vol. XXVIII No. 11, September 16-30, 2018

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Way behind in conserving our heritage

by The Editor

Memorials seem to be our priority From being a much vaunted city of firsts, Chennai certainly appears to lag right behind everyone else when it comes to heritage conservation. The latest metro to steal a march over it is Kolkata, which is close to completing the restoration of two magnificent structures, both built in the […]

Metro stations in Chennai have generously offered space for performances, games etc. making them lively destinations. Now it is art which is finding a place on their walls. (Photo: R. Raja Pandiyan)

Hurdles to deep sea fishing must be recognised, removed

by A Special Correspondent

(Continued from last fortnight) Periodic large offers of catch would depress the market and middlemen are bound to exploit the weak holding capacity of the fisherfolk. There should be a government procuring mechanism with appropriate storage facilities that can offer a minimum support price with freedom to the sellers to avail of better deals outside. […]

Pavithra’s Perspective

Pavithra Srinivasan is a writer, journalist, artist, translator, columnist and an editor and is fascinated with History.

Horses and chariots The first time I crossed it, I couldn’t quite believe my eyes.

A ‘Madras Week’ lesson

VINCENT’S JOTTINGS Every year, for the ‘Madras Day’ season ‘Mylapore Times‘ hosts an event for school students. It is called the ‘Heritage of Chennai’ contest. The idea behind it is to encourage teams to go out of their classroom and study a specific aspect of our city that has a history. Over the past 14-odd […]


A home for South Indian entrepreneurship The probable site of Ramakoti Building. If Tamil Nadu ever considered labelling a structure as a monument to South Indian entrepreneurship, this building would have been the first candidate. Sadly, there is not even a trace of where Ramakoti Building once stood. Documents in the High Court of Madras […]

My days with Father – Pothan Joseph

Excerpts from 'One Woman's India' by Anna Varki

Many girls think their fathers are special, but I can honestly say that mine was a truly remarkable individual. Details of his colourful life and adventures can be found in other publications (such as those written by T.J.S George), as my father, was a well-known journalist of yesteryear, when India had 562 native states, the […]

Our Museum’s wealth

● by Chithra Madhavan

Nolamba sculptures of the Museum It is perhaps likely that ninety nine percent of the visitors to the Stone Sculpture Gallery of the Madras Museum have never heard of the Nolamba Dynasty. Why blame them when our History text books do not ever mention this name? But those interested in the heritage and culture of […]

Apothecaries and Dressers

● by Ramya Ramani & Anantanarayanan Raman

The physician’s accomplice, undertaker’s benefactor and grave worm’s provider, an apothecary… – American satirist A.G. Bierce The Madras Medical School (MMS) was formally established a few days after the Bengal Medical School in Calcutta in 1835. From the start, MMS offered formal training to personnel to be called either ‘Apothecaries’ or ‘Dressers’. The training offered […]

Madras Week footnote

MNS & The Week The butterfly hunters. Indian Palm Bob Tawny Coster Caterpillar Bird Walk at Perumbakkam Tank Vikas Madhav led the Bird Walk at Perumbakkam Tank. The Walk focussed mainly on familiarising participants with the resident bird population of this hotspot. Grey Pelican and painted stork were seen in close quarters in reasonable numbers. […]