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Vol. XXVII No. 18, January 1-15, 2018

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Will appreciation of this be taught in syllabus…

By Our Education Correspondent

Humanities still get short shrift Painted Stork (above), Cormorants (below left) and Pelicans (below right) arrive for the Season at Sholinganallur marshland. Statistical indicators of the physical and quantitative aspects of the education system show Tamil Nadu in good light in comparison with other States. Sufficiency of infrastructure, however, does not by itself ensure efficacy. […]

Whither heritage conservation?

By The Editor

The rusted Munro statue 2017 is drawing to a close. We must be thankful that no major heritage structure caught fire or mysteriously collapsed this year. What was on the verge of collapse in December 2016 remains in the same state a year later. But we have had acts of wanton demolition, as happened with […]

Recalling Ponniyin Selvan

TWO REMEMBERED The publisher’s note It was in 1996 that Karthik Narayanan suggested we publish Ponniyin Selvan in translation in time for the centenary. I thought to myself: five hundred chapters… 2,400 pages? The equivalent of at least ten of the short novels I was editing for Macmillan’s Modern Indian Novels project of translations with […]

Rebel with a cause

By K.R.A. Narasiah

C.G.K. Reddy can be seen in the second row, fourth from left. From early in his life C.G.K. Reddy, former Business Manager of The Hindu and founder Director of the Research Institute of Newspaper Development, an organisation with which the Press Institute merged. Never had literally. He started his life as a mariner, having joined […]

The family’s sole calling card

by P.V. Krishnamoorthy

4-page Margazhi Musings – A special feature SUBBUDU Irrespective of the many bureaucratic positions I have held and the awards I have received, I invariably introduce myself to people by saying, “I am Subbudu’s youngest brother” that has opened many doors for me. In fact, all the members of the family exploit their one and […]

Lost landmarks of Chennai


The Academy’s rival, firm, but helpful R. Rangaramanuja Iyengar. Today it is barely remembered, but in its time, the Jagannatha Bhaktha Sabha was an organisation to contend with in the world of fine arts. Writing about it in connection with its 15th anniversary celebrations in 1933 (which therefore indicates that the Sabha was founded in […]

A Season of frenzy

by V. Karpagalakshmi

It’s been another December music frenzy with several organisations conducting music and dance programmes totalling to some thousands. The “Season” these days begins even in November due to dearth of auditoria, but the frenzy has been at its zenith from mid-December. Unlike a decade ago, music and dance series are now held throughout the year […]

The religious wave in Madras

‘These diverse – if also at times perverse – manifestations of religious fervour are perhaps not altogether irrelevant to the times we live in. Current events constantly remind us that the world has indeed advanced well into the dark age of Kali.’ If you happen to visit Madras these days, you are very likely to […]

The Margazhi music blend

There is something ineffable about the month of Margazhi. The great poetess Andal refers to Margazhi as a month devoted to spiritual pursuits. Lyricist nonpareil Kannadasan describes the heroine as the Marghazhi amongst months in one of his evergreen songs! It straddles the mid-December and mid-January period, when there is a precious nip in the […]

A plea to save war bunker

By A Special Correspondent

Work on demolishing the World War II air raid shelter in Royapuram. (Photograph: Shantanu Krishnan.) For years, this square shelter made of concrete has been lying uncared for on the side of the Ennore Express Highway. It has been used as a makeshift urinal and toilet, it has been lived in by squatters, and from […]