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Vol. XXXI No. 10, September 1-15, 2021

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Madras Week – A lot of positivity among some negativity

by The Editor

It is the best of times and the worst of times, to paraphrase from a famed beginning of a work spanning two cities. That line would apply to our Madras that is Chennai too, especially during this time of Madras Day. You would have expected that given the pandemic there would not have been much […]

Plastic city: Beating single-use plastic requires more than single-use enforcement

By A Special Correspondent

Earlier this month, the Chennai Corporation levied a fine of Rs. 25,000 on Indigo Airlines for using single-use plastic to package covid-preventive kits for its flyers. It was Dr. Manish Narnaware, the city’s Deputy Commissioner of Health, who noticed the single-use plastic envelopes during his frequent flights with the airlines. He had the material tested […]

Monsoon magic on our beaches

by A. Rajaram

(Also refer to Vol. XXX No. 21, March 1-15, 2021 for a similar article by the author.) The gruelling peak of Chennai summer is over. While the temperature dips a little bit by the third week of June, it is still hot and humid. However, by the end of June and early July, our city […]

A Whole Host of Gifts for Madras Day

by Sriram V

When the times demand a change, Chennai has always changed. That accounts for the growth and continued relevance of this city. It is not one of those metros that forever live in past glory and at the same time it is not of the kind that abandons its past to get on with the future. […]

Active Mobility – Walk, take a bicycle…

by Dr. V. Sumantran, Celeris Technologies

Chennai can create satellite cities to address the burden of infrastructure, mobility and manage densification Over the last 150 years the world has significantly transformed into an urban society. While in 1900 one out of every six inhabitants of the world was urban, it grew to 4 out of every 6 during mid-century. This phenomenal […]

It’s a dog’s life: Chennai needs to take better care of its stray dogs

by Padmaja Jayaraman

(Continued from last fortnight) Sterilisation remains our best hope. Apart from controlling population numbers, sterilising male dogs can alleviate aggression since there will be fewer territorial attacks and reduced competition for female dogs come mating season. Dogs older than six months are eligible for sterilisation. Shravan believes that community-facilitated animal birth control would be a […]

Confessions of a cricket maniac

by S.R. Madhu

I have been cricket-crazy for ages. My addiction began as a four-year-old when cricket commentary at a neighbour’s house thrilled me. I flirted with bat and ball as a schoolkid, but was quite dreadful with both, and fellow-urchins regarded me with scant respect. However, none could chat or gossip about cricket the way I did, […]

A Fitting Gift for Madras Day

by The Editor

It is not often that a book gets to make it to the first page of Madras Musings. In fact, the late Chief would maintain that book reviews need to be in their proper space somewhere in the middle of the magazine. But even he would, we are sure, make an exception when it is […]

Madras Week 2021

Madras Musings Virtual Talk/Lecture Series (Timing: 6.00 to 7.00 pm on all days unless otherwise specified) Links for accessing all programmes will be updated by August 18, 2021 on

Tough task: State faces multiple barriers in covid-19 vaccination drive, puts its best efforts forward

by Our Special Correspondent

Tamil Nadu is seeing an increase in fresh Covid-19 cases, with most districts including Chennai reporting a marginal spike in daily positive numbers. The TN Health Minister Ma. Subramanian explained the trend in a quote to India Today on July 30th — “The number of new Covid-19 cases in Chennai has been increasing in the […]