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Vol. XXVII No. 12, October 1-15, 2017

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Giant tower to disfigure a heritage skyline?

By The Editor

For years, Central Station, along with its neighbours, the Southern Railway headquarters, the VP Hall and Ripon Building, was a landmark of our city, a part of a handsome skyline, visible all along that stretch of Poonamallee High Road. But that joy may not be ours for much longer. Chennai Metrorail Limited (CMRL) now plans […]

The recent rains have brought life back to the Mylapore tank. (Picture courtesy: Mylapore Times.)

Speedy completion of Metro necessary for benefits to be seen

by A Cost Analyst

Experience across the world has shown that introduction of a mass rapid transit system can relieve traffic congestion, discourage residential crowding, lessen pollution and widen work opportunities. Chennai too naturally hopes that the Metro would not only make our City look modern, but also more liveable. For now, just 28 km of Phase One’s 45 […]

Garbage bin a landmark

The garbage bin at my street corner is of great concern to me. Every time I step out of home, it confronts me. And I feel depressed. So depressed that my head spins like the wheels of this garbage bin. One recent evening, I walked down to the corner to wait for a friend who […]

The Vizianagaram Royals

My grandfather, Dr. K.N. Kesari (1875-1953), was a friend of the princely Vizianagaram family and the printing press that he set up in the 1920s, Lodhra Press, was involved in reprinting a report in 1938 that was originally compiled in 1894 and went by the tortuous title: “Vizianagarm Treaty of November 15th 1758 and the end […]

Thank you, Donors

- The Editor

We today publish donations received with thanks for the period 16.08.16-15.12.16. Rs. 50: Ballal C.B.L.; Sasikala C. Rs. 100: Baskkaran K.B.100; Ejji K Umamahesh; Gopalakrishnan S.; Jayaraj M.S.; Kalyanasundaram T.V.; Meenakshi Sundaram; Prakash S.; Rajagopal S.; Ramaswamy V.; Shantha Venkataraman; Sivakumar S.; Sreenivasan C.V.; Sridhar Ganesh; Subbaraman N.V.; Subramanian S.; Sundari Sidhartha; Viswanathan C. Rs. […]


Sriram V

The Duke who gave us a canal In all probability, it will remain Buckingham Canal forever. No politician of our present times will want his/her name to be associated with such a degraded waterbody. Yet, at least till the 1950s, this was a navigable canal, through which supplies came from Andhra to  Madras and people travelled […]

Lost landmarks of Chennai


Laundry, auctions, where the Masons were In its last days… the Pioneer Laundry building, once a Masonic Lodge. For years it stood, just beside the LIC building and completely dwarfed by it. It was best known by the name of its last co-occupant, the other being the famed auction house of Murray & Co. But […]

Madras aviation – in peace & war

by Air Marshal M. Matheswaran avsm vm ph.d (retd)

S.V. Setty (on right) and an Avro biplane of Great War vintage Chennai, or Madras as it was known earlier, is the pioneer city in the history of modern India. Aviation excitement caught up with Madras within seven years of the Wright brothers’ first flight on December 22, 1903. Giacomo D’Angelis, a confectioner from Messina, […]

Requiem for the Telegram

by Bruce Robson

“E-I-S-H-5,” he called out gently and even though his voice was quietly cajoling, my five-year-old brain, not yet used to the English alphabet, struggled to grasp the new order of those letters. He went on to explain, “E is 1 dot, I is 2 dots, S is 3 dots, H is 4 dots and the […]