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Vol. XXVI No. 21,February 16-28, 2017

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The blackcoast……choking with oil

by Seetha Gopalakrishnan

Disaster struck two nautical miles off Ennore’s Kamarajar port just before dawn on January 28 when two cargo ships – LPG-filled BW Maple bearing the flag of the UK’s Isle of Man and MT Dawn Kanchipuram loaded to the brim with petroleum oil and lubricants collided. The LPG tanker suffered a major dent and Dawn […]

Keeping heritage in the hands of Government

by The Editor

It has taken the Government of Tamil Nadu four years to get going on the Heritage Act that it passed. At long last, a Heritage Conservation Commission (HCC) was formed – the second of its kind and on the fate of the first there is no clarity. The composition of the proposed new HCC is […]

Chennai Newsreel

By T.K. Srinivasa Chari

A bookshop, writers, and a café It would seem that the Biblical saying ‘Man shall not live by bread alone’ motivated two of the city’s very own business enterprises to come up with a recipe called the Writer’s Café. Opened before three months ago, the coffeehouse meets bookstore is a collaboration -between restaurateur M. Maha-devan […]

Art in the park

by Vincent D’Souza

Illustrator and social activist Nithya Balaji liked what she had bought at Art Mart on a Sunday afternoon. A water colour of a temple in South Tamil Nadu. She had stopped at one of the 69 stalls put up by artists taking part in this annual event held recently at Nageswara Rao Park in Luz. […]

On the trail of Albert Penn

by Christopher Penn

My great grandfather, A.T.W. Penn had worked from 1865 to 75 for Nicholas Brothers studio which was the most important commercial photographer in the Madras Presidency in the second half of the 19th Century with studios in Madras and Ootacamund. John and James Perratt Nicholas, the founders of the studio, were the sons of Llewellyn […]

Rambling in West Mambalam (4) … with Janaki Venkataraman

Helping out, the local motto For many years Ayodhya Mandapam used to be a meeting place for the priests of West Mambalam. They usually congregated here in the evenings exchanged notes, made appointments and traded priestly engagements for the next day. That has, however more or less stopped now, because of the advent of the […]

The South Indian typist

By Vikram Doctor

The power in an office (Continued from last fortnight) From ministers in Delhi to Marwari businessmen in Calcutta to senior counsels in Mumbai, their offices were guarded by south Indian steno-typists turned personal assistants (PAs), as assiduously as they might be the inner sanctums of temples. Tandon realised their power once he became chairman of […]

View from the high chair

By Ranjitha Ashok

This is nice. Being able to sit up after all that lying around. Seeing all you guys in Big-Folk’s Land right side up, so to speak. Thanks for listening, by the way. Us Little-Folk …..we don’t get too much of that. We get a lot of Talking-At, though. Let you in on a little-known Little-Folk […]

Partab Ramchand recalls…

The scholarly sportswriter There is this first meeting with Nirmal Shekar of which I still have vivid recollections. And then there is this last meeting with him which will also live in memory for long. We first met at the old indoor stadium near the Nehru Stadium in 1980, shortly after he had joined The […]

Leading India in protest – But why?

(By The Editor)

It could have been a model protest were it not for the miscreants who queered the pitch on the final day. It was an expression of resentment that was a model to follow in many ways – no violence, no harassment of women, minimum disruption to traffic and, above all, the political elements kept at […]