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Vol. XXVI No. 23, March 16-31, 2017

Featured Articles

No hi-tech answer to thirst?!

(By A Special Correspondent)

What’s the answer to IT thirst? The newspapers recently were full of how the strike by water tanker operators had brought Old Mahabalipuram Road aka IT Corridor to its knees. The much-vaunted hi-tech area, with offices developing high-end software solutions for companies abroad, is pretty low-tech when it comes to that precious commodity – water. […]

A guide to the Fort

Madras Musings celebrated its 25th year and Fort St. George’s 375th year with a year-long series in 2015-16 titled Know Your Fort better. It was a fact-packed series by Sriram V of the Fort’s 30-plus major sites which has now been brought out as this guide by Palaniappa Brothers. A slim, easy to handle book, […]

Birds that flock to Vedanthangal

The first rays of sunlight dramatically capture the roosting flocks… and this (on left) is what they look like during the day, in the midst of the tank. Pictures were taken by Murali Narayanan during the Annual Waterbirds’ Count at Vedan-than-gal. (Courtesy: Madras Naturalists’ Society.)

For peace in troubled waters…

by The Editor

The recent death of a Rameswaram fisherman in Palk Strait waters has once again brought to the fore the thorny problem of Indian Tamil fishermen fishing in these -waters and, many of them, -ending up in Sri Lankan jails if not worse.

The grounded-into-the-ground Pilot

And so the theatre has been demolished. A flex banner at the entrance to the vast compound has it that “Pilot Theatre is demolishing” and then adds, “Trespasser will be prosecuted,” thereby indicating that groups are most welcome. But the groups or crowds have long ceased coming to Pilot.

The Gods of the Holy Koovam

– Pradeep Chakravarthy

The Cooum river means many things to us in -Madras, but none are complimentary! Some may remember the filth, and others the smell. Old-timers talk about boat-rides and even baths, but it’s hard to conjure up these images seeing a dried-up or, even worse, stinking waterway. Priya Bhaskaran, based on a chat with Venkatesh Rama-krishnan, […]

Rambling in our museums (1) … with N.S. Parthasarathy

In a recent interview, Vinod Daniel, internationally known -senior conservator and specialist in museum management, has highlighted the community’s responsibility in preserving the irreplaceable historical and cultural links with its past. Enthused by this interview, N.S. Parthasarathy visited some of the city’s museums and recorded his experiences. This is the first article in this series. […]

Veteran Lines – A forgotten corner of a suburb

– Bryan Oliver Peppin

So many people have the fondest memories of the Anglo-Indian pockets of old. The list of such places is pretty long, but the ones that stand out in Tamil Nadu are Madras, Golden Rock, Madura, Trichi-no-poly, Villupuram, Arkonam, and Podanur. Almost all these places have strong connections with the Indian Railways, many as an Anglo-Indian […]

Government Press – 185 years old

The Madras Government Press was started in 1831. Prior to that date, Government printing, by the order of Lord Edward Clive in 1800, was produced by the Madras Male Asylum Press, which also published, under special arrangement, an official and general newspaper called the Government Gazette. In 1831, the monopoly of the Asylum Press was […]

A hundred Ranji matches – And still going strong in the middle

by Bhaskeran Thomas

No reaching of a landmark is an easy achievement. Whether scoring 100 runs or taking 100 wickets is not -without pitfalls. The same is true with completing 100 matches. The many who’ve achieved this landmark have had to go through a lot of sweat and toil. Tamil Nadu wicket-keeper Dinesh Karthik’s completion of 100 Ranji […]