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Vol XXXI No. 19, January 16-31, 2022

Madras Musings wishes all its readers a happy and prosperous new year.

Featured Articles

Dithering as a COVID policy

by The Editor

Let’s face it – our city ­administration has done a magnificent job over the last two years trying to keep the pandemic within control. We have emerged better than some other metropolises though that does not mean we have been exemplary.But yes, we can commend our performance. Which is why, in the light of all […]

Keeping educational institutions closed – for how long?

by A Special Correspondent

Thus far the Government of Tamil Nadu seems to have been consistent in its policy for educational institutions when it comes to the pandemic – keep them shut on an indefinite basis and classes if any to be conducted remotely. It is time that the powers that be seriously relook at this and come up […]

The Way We Were

Beginning an occasional series by Sushila Ravindranath. As one of the senior-most business journalists of South India and author of the book Surge, Tamil Nadu’s Growth Story, Sushila Ravindranath

Recalling a great orthopedic surgeon of Madras

by Dr. K. Sriram

Dr. Narasimha Iyer as he was referred to by most patients, was something of a legend in the medical circles of Madras in the first half of the last century.

The stained glass marvels of the State Bank of India – Madras branch

(Continued from last fortnight) Some of the old residential bungalows in Madras display panels depicting scenes from Indian mythology and the figures of gods and goddesses of the Hindu pantheon.

Tracing the family roots – II

by Jayanthi Ramesh

(Continued from last fortnight) It was said that most South Indian Brahmins do not invoke this river in their daily prayers. It is reasonable to assume that our forefathers lived somewhere between Jabalpore and Hyderabad.

An Evening at Kalakshetra

by Sujatha Chandramouli

Every year the highlight of our December music season is to attend at least one concert of music or dance at Kalakshetra Foundation, Thiruvanmiyur. The sylvan landscape of the auditorium elevates the programme to another level. The concert is the icing on the cake. After the newly renovated Bharata Kalakshetra auditorium of the Foundation opened […]

A Dull December Music Season

by The Editor

Yet another December has just got over. And with it the curtains come down on the December Music Season as well. Given the chaos that is ongoing owing to multiple COVID 19 strains it is a wonder that a music season happened at all and so we need to be thankful that it did. After […]

A long way to go before we become a truly accessible city

by our Special Correspondent

Every December, the Marina beach is made temporarily accessible to the differently-abled for a week to mark the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. This year, the Greater Chennai Corporation’s arrangements come after a prolonged gap – disabled citizens will enjoy the sea and sand after a long interval of two years, with the pandemic […]

A tribute to a legend on his birth anniversary

by R.V. Rajan (

Let me begin by tracing my brief association with Laxman. When I started my advertising career with Clarion Advertising Bombay as a Junior Account Executive in 1964, the late Mr. S.A. Venkatraman (ICS retd.) was my first client.