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Vol. XXIX No. 19, January 15-31, 2020

Featured Articles

When Kolam-s Carry a Message

by The Editor

Enough and more has been said on the subject of stifling dissent and readers of Madras Musings must be wondering as to whether yet another article on the subject is at all warranted. But even if we were to wish away what is happening elsewhere in the country, and we certainly cannot do that, the […]

The Pope and the Price of the Fish

by A Special Correspondent

The raging price of onions reminds us of the saying in Economics that forms the title of this article. Till 1966, Catholics were advised not to eat meat on Fridays, so they ate fish instead. That year the Pope allowed meat on Fridays. The world demand for fish fell and shifted the demand curve downwards. […]

ARISE: India’s First Standing Wheelchair by IIT Madras

by Varsha Venugopal

Arguably the crown jewel of Chennai’s educational identity, IIT Madras remains highly respected for its work in academic and research projects. Last year alone, the institute announced multiple breakthroughs that show promise of a better, sustainable future. It developed the world’s first iron-ion battery, a low-cost, stable alternative to the present lithium-ion battery; designed an […]

Playwright/Novelist/Travel Writer/Cartoonist – Marina Remembered

by The Editor

T.S. Sridhar aka Bharanidharan aka Marina. It was with some sorrow that I read the news of the passing of T.S. Sridhar aka Marina aka Bharanidharan. I never met the man but I did know his close relatives.

Awakened India – A Forgotten Magazine from Madras

by Karthik Bhatt

Prabuddha Bharata, the official organ of the Ramakrishna Order is probably India’s oldest spiritual magazine, in continuous publication since 1898. Its origin however dates to two years earlier, when its predecessor Awakened India was being brought out from our city by a few ardent devotees of Swami Vivekananda. This piece is a brief profile of […]

Nani Palkhivala in Madras

by T.S. Gopal

Who does not remember Palkhivala? This brilliant lawyer had many facets to his personality – a champion of civil liberties, a great orator whose budget speeches were famous, a donor for deserving causes and a man of letters. Madras had a special relationship with him, for between 1966 and 2000 he not only came here […]

When Keith Miller Played at Chepauk

by Partab Ramchand

Keith Miller – the dynamic all-rounder. Before Garfield Sobers took over the title in the sixties, it was Keith Ross Miller who was acknowledged as the greatest all rounder of all time. With an enviable record of 2,958 runs with seven centuries at an average of 36.97 and 170 wickets at 22.97 apiece with seven […]

Thank You, Donors

by The Editor

We today, publish donations received with thanks for the period upto January. – The Editor Rs. 1250: N.S. Parthasarathy Rs. 1000: Lata Ramaseshan Rs. 900: R. Parthasarathy, Sharadha Purushotam Rs. 750: Dr A Raman Rs. 500: R. Rajagopal, P.K. Parameswaran Rs. 400: Surya Narayan Sinha, P.S. Subrahmanian Rs. 200: B. Subramaniam Rs. 50: C. Sasikala

Creating Urban Transport Chaos

The Editor

It was exactly a year ago that the Chennai Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (CUMTA) was launched with much fanfare. The media had at that time hailed it, claiming that it was the solution to all the ills that city’s public transport systems faced – each of them striking out in different directions and with no […]

A New Year wish

A Special Correspondent

As another Year dawns, several programmes in newspapers make us feel heady. Traffic rules will be enforced, Pallikaranai will be retrieved, Kodungaiyur and Perungudi waste dumps will be converted into energy by high-tech solution “to end the City’s waste menace”, the Marina will be beautified and upper reaches of Adyar will be dredged for free […]