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Vol. XXIX No. 4, June 1-15, 2019

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To Our Dear Chennai MPs

By The Editor

Dear Members of Parliament elected from Chennai City, Congratulations to all three of you and we wish you a fruitful five years in your capacity as elected representatives of the people. The tenure may appear long enough right now but let us assure you that time tends to fly and before you know it, it […]

Reforms needed to reap demographic advantage

(by A Special Correspondent)

Two recent news items sum up the state of school education. Is the news that India has thrice the number of schools (15 lakhs) as that of China (5 lakhs) and that Tamil Nadu is rated high on school education reason enough for smug contentment? The answer is in the Performance Grading Index (PGI) Study […]

To the Chief, wherever this may find him

Ranjitha Ashok

Mr. N. Ram speaking at the Memorial meeting organised by the Madras Book Club. Chief, did you know you are spoken of in different ways? ‘Mr. Muthiah’, of course, heads the list – but you are also ‘Uncle Muthu’, ‘Muthu’ and ‘The Chief’. Were you aware that you meant so much to so many? You […]

Memories of a Grandparent

Vignesh Panchanatham is a student at Princeton University, a wannabe Chef and a fledgling sports journalist

For as long as I can remember, my grandfather called me Little Man. Muthu Aiyah took pride in all of my accomplishments, but particularly in chess. Every time I performed well in a tournament, he would always send me an email congratulating me and encouraging me to push for even higher titles. He was one […]

Little known stories of the Chronicler

– Parvathi Muthiah

As I pen these words, it has been exactly a month since my father, S. Muthiah, passed away. Over the past month, we have been overwhelmed by the number of tributes that have poured in. He has been written about, spoken about, posted about and tweeted about many times over. We are honoured that he […]

To Grand-uncle with love

Radha Subramaniam is an Associate Film Producer in New York

My first memory of Muthu Aiyah, my maternal great uncle, was of a jovial, thoughtful man who could be sharp if he felt you were being facetious. He was never one to play to expectations and he expected you to be thoughtful when you were speaking with him. But he was also one amongst many […]

Remembering S. Muthiah

A Journalist for 68 years, Columnist for 58 years, wrote on all things Madras for 48 years, an Author for 38 years and Editor of Madras Musings for 28 yrs, this is how Sashi Nair, Editor, PII, opened his talk on Mr. Muthiah. He was speaking at the remembrance event organised for Mr. Muthiah at […]

Lost Landmarks of Chennai

Sriram V

When North Madras had a beach The Harbour, which was once North Beach. To most city dwellers, the beach means the Marina. To some the term may also include the Elliots Beach, known now by the horrible name of Bessie, ostensibly because it abuts Besant Nagar. Then you have the Neelankarai Beach and several others. […]

The Alladi Diary

by Vijaysree Venkatraman

On a balmy winter’s day in 1954, Paul Dirac a Nobel Laureate in physics gave a general lecture at the Senate House in the University of Madras. The hall was packed. Outside, people sat in their cars, as if they were at a drive-in cinema, to catch the man’s words. It is hard to know […]