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Vol. XXX No. 7, August 1-15, 2020

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Is barricading houses with Covid patients a safe solution?

by The Editor

Board ‘em up! A barricade put up by the Corporation. Historically there have been many ways of isolating patients with infectious diseases. The ill can be removed to a place where they cannot infect others. If they are treated at home, then the residence itself can carry a warning sign – a method that has […]

A Hail to the Chief

by Ranjitha Ashok

Chief, it’s time to unleash that rumbling laugh. You won’t believe what tumbled into the Madras Musings inbox a few days ago. An email kicking off with the words: ‘Hey Muthiah’! That’s right. Talk about being a bit behind on the news, just a tad dodgy on facts. But first, let’s address the manner of […]

New Initiatives at Madras Book Club

by S.R. Madhu

There’s good news for book-lovers. The Madras Book Club (MBC) has launched a few initiatives to overcome the problems posed by the Coronavirus and the lockdown. “We’ll continue our mission of promoting books and writing,” says the club.

Schooling in the ‘New Normal’ – Part 1

by A Staff Correspondent

Life has changed so much over the past few months that it is getting rather hard to recall the city’s sights and sounds from pre-pandemic days. A sight that we have missed is that of children going to school. It’s always a delight to see them packed off to learn new things, wearing neatly pressed […]

Under the Open Sky: Terraces & Balconies in Chennai

Marilyn Gracey

Before the pandemic struck, an ordinary middle-class family would work through their weekdays, taking weekends off. Weekends would be spent with family or friends, catching a movie at the theatre or eating out; sometimes it was spent as a lazy time of relaxation at home. COVID-19 brought about a series of lockdowns and restrictions, forcing […]

A Chennai Man Remembers an Earlier Chinese Skirmish

Major Dr. V. Raghavan VSM

Map of Doklam and the surrounding area. Source: Wikimedia Commons. In the light of the present imbroglio in Ladakh, my memory takes me back to an incident, albeit a trifling one. In November 1975, a routine Assam Rifles patrol was ambushed by the Chinese in NEFA, now called Arunachal Pradesh in Tulung La (La is […]

Nizhal’s Diverse Actions During Lockdown

by Shobha Menon

Nizhal, the NGO dedicated to trees in Chennai, has been innovating when it comes to caring for its greenery during the lockdown. Here is how. – Editor The COVID pandemic has meant many different things for diverse cross-sections of citizens in Chennai. For the Nizhal Team, it meant that young saplings in different sites across […]

Ramanathan Krishnan’s Tryst with History

by Partab Ramchand

It was in 1960 that an Indian, our city’s own Ramanathan Krishnan, made it to the semi-finals at Wimbledon. It remains a record for our country. We publish this tribute to this national legend to commemorate the diamond jubilee of that landmark event. May it inspire our countrymen to aim for the title someday – […]

The Chaos in Chennai’s Supply Chain

by The Editor

We are opening up is the cry that is doing the rounds in the city. Temples and other religious establishments, restaurants, offices, factories and hairdressing saloons are all opening up after the lockdown. The number of COVID afflicted patients is also going up but it is now more or less agreed that living with the […]