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Vol. XXX No. No. 14, November 16-30, 2020

Featured Articles

Zoom … To-Do’s and Not-to-Do’s

by Ranjitha Ashok

‘Lockdown relaxations.’ These words, fizzing like soda run amok, appear to have gone straight to several heads, encouraging rash decisions. The authorities, on the other hand, warn of restrictions still in place, so group gatherings remain an iffy proposition. This means the days of zoom meetings, of webinars, are not exactly over.

The Magnificent Trio

by V.K. Parthasarathy

V.K.Parthasarahy, former State player and former Vice-President of the Tamil Nadu Tennis Association writes on the Big 3, two of whom have graced Chennai with their presence. To be at the top of a tough international sport like tennis and remain there for a length of time is certainly no mean achievement. Three of the […]

N. Sankar, at 75

V. Ramnarayan

If S. Muthiah was our founder, N. Sankar was our saviour. As Muthiah never tired of saying, had not Sankar stepped in at a crucial point in the life of Madras Musings and placed it on a sound financial footing with support from multiple corporate houses, the magazine would have been short lived. On the […]

The future of mega cities

by Shreesh Chaudhary

Sanjay may be in the early-40s now. I have known him for over 10 years. He came to Chennai with his father, Ram Pujan Chaudhary, from a village in Buxar District of Bihar. Ram Pujan is a class one mason. He has led a group of masons and unskilled workers and has worked on many […]

The Judge who renounced his knighthood

by Karthik Bhatt

(Continued from last fortnight) Sir S. Subramania Iyer’s contribution to the world of law went beyond his career as a lawyer and his tenure on the Bench. He played host to several meetings of the Saturday Club, an informal think-tank comprising lawyers, at his residence, Beach House (which is today part of the Queen Marys […]

An insider’s view of the Safire Theatre Complex

by R.V. Rajan (

During my official travels to Madras from Mumbai, as a young executive, I always felt that I belonged to this city. I dreamt of settling down here, post retirement. I never imagined that this would happen when I was only 32. Madras welcomed me with open arms and in the last 46 years it has […]

The man who wrote his own obituary

by Mohan V. Raman

Ejji K. Umamahesh was a ray of sunshine in the world of Madras Musings. A frequent caller over the phone on matters concerning the city’s history between the 1950s and the 1980s, he would always have Mr S. Muthiah laughing with his many unprintable reminiscences of otherwise respectable pillars of society. He introduced himself to […]

From Jesse Owens to Sir Gary Sobers – he reported National and International events in his style

by Deeptha Vivekanand

(Continued from last fortnight) In 1960, when T.D. Parthasarathy went to Rome to cover the Olympics, American broad jumper Ralph Boston, was expected to break Jesse Owens’s decade-long record. In his interview with Owens dated December 10, 1960 for Sport & Pastime (S&P), which he was also writing for, T.D., notes, “…with the legendary figure […]

Chennai’s Heritage during Covid-19

By The Editor

I first got a call from L. Ramachandran immediately after the lockdown was lifted. He was a photographer he said, and he had been going around the city between March and June 2020 taking pictures of various places. He had shown the collection to Mr. N. Ram of The Hindu, who he said had asked […]

He reported on sports – in India and from abroad

by Deeptha Vivekanand

Watch a match live on TV, read minute-by-minute updates on the web, catch all the action on an app, check tweets from players, and like their pictures on Instagram. That’s how the present-day sports fan follows his or her favourite game. The newspaper is, perhaps, the least preferred source to find out how that match […]