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Vol. XXVIII No. 3, May 16-31, 2018

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Yet another memorial on the Marina

By The Editor

The State Government has announced plans to build on the Marina a memorial for former Chief Minister J.  Jayalalithaa. There are muted debates about whether a personality convicted in a corruption case deserves a memorial on the beach. We leave that aspect to others to discuss, while we record our discomfort with honouring people who have […]

The broken bridge, Besant Nagar (top) and the view from it at dawn. When is the bridge going to be rebuilt?(Photos: R. Raja Pandian). Also see Page 3.

7-fold expansion not an option

By A Special Correspondent

At present, the Chennai Metropolitan Area is 1,189 after its notification in 1975. CMDA intends to expand it to 8,878 engulfing Tiruvallur and Kancheepuram Districts and Arakkonam and Nemili Taluks in Vellore District, Chengalpattu becoming part of the region. The objective is to anticipate the needs of the population by 2026. Enlargement of […]

How much can we do?

by Shobha Menon

A mid-January dawn in Chennai of UNESCO ‘heritage fame’, as margazhi kolams inch boisterously onto the centre of roads, roadside temples belt out loud religious music to the neighbourhoods. It is the run up to auspicious Thai and the bounteous Pongal festival. Only, the air of peaceful holiness is marred by the overflowing garbage bins […]

Lost Landmarks of Chennai

- Sriram V

The ice makers we once had – 1 India’s ice-making pioneer: Roebuck Ice House – in its earliest days when the Tudors occupied it. In the hot coastal region that is the Coromandel Coast, naturally frozen water is unthinkable. Commercial production of ice too was unheard of till the 1800s. But once it became feasible, […]

A ’laughologist’s’ way to middle class happiness

by S.R. Madhu

Satheesh It is not just funny, but outrageously, hilariously funny. Dr. G. Lakshmipathi, the Coimbatore-based doctor (a specialist in internal medicine) has just turned out another humour book, his sixth, this one titled How to be middle class and happy. Why the focus on the middle class? Lakshmipathi says the middle class is the one […]

Developinga hub for culture

by V.S. Ravikumar

Birth of a Colony – 3 Drama artist R.S.Manohar as Chief Guest during one of the function. Also seen in the picture is actress Rajasulochana. After residents started occupying the bungalows in Gandhi Nagar from the second half of 1949, they not only took early initiatives to start schools, but also began clubs and initiated […]

A patent that ruined Heath the inventor

by Dr. A. Raman

The Porto Novo Iron Works (Continued from last fortnight) By 1833, Heath’s debt to the Government was a whopping Rs. 571,000. The Porto Novo Iron Works raised capital, with some of the EEIC surgeons in Madras becoming shareholders. The Advocate General of Madras drew up the contract for shareholders. The Porto Novo Iron Works became […]

The Chennai link to India’s Squash success

by S.R. Suryanarayan

From left to right: Joshna Chinappa, Dipika Pallikal Karthik and Saurav Ghosal If India has been doing well in squash in various international events, then a major credit has to go to the trio Joshna Chinappa, Dipika Pallikal Karthik and Saurav Ghosal. They all belong to the top 20 in world squash and they also […]

Where are the funds to save heritage?

by The Editor

It was only a month ago that we carried the story about how the Government had in its budget decided to sanction money for the restoration of three heritage buildings – Victoria Hostel, Queen Mary’s College and the Kumbakonam Government Arts College. We had rejoiced at this sudden change of attitude towards heritage. It is […]