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Vol. XXVI No. 24, April 1-15, 2017

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A financial & intellectual deficit

(By The Editor)

The annual Budget for Tamil Nadu was passed amidst what can only be termed as Masonic secrecy. It made it to the news only after the passage of the Finance Bill and, when it became public, it did not make for good reading. Tamil Nadu, often held up as a model state, not only showed […]

… But it’s a sorry state, seen below, we keep this landmark in

(By a Special Correspondent)

Whether you like it or not, Valluvar Kottam, a monument dedicated to the ancient Tamil poet, saint and philosopher is a landmark in Madras, a reflection of the stone sculptors’ skills. Sadly, more often than that, their striking edifice looks shabby as a result of total lack of maintenance. Valluvar Kottam as seen by Dr. […]

INTACH seeks more information

Building Crafts The Heritage Craft & Community Division [HCCD] of the Indian National Trust for Art and Culture Heritage is compiling a Directory of Building Crafts to serve as a documentation of the crafts that have been traditionally used in India’s architecture,

Lost Landmarks of Chennai

– Sriram V

The six gardens of the Begum Agurchund Mansions in Rushkairam Gardens. There is an erroneous story floating around that Chepauk is actually Cheh Baugh, or six gardens that once stood were, all belonging to the Nawab of Arcot.

The Madras Helix

by V. Vijaysree

The double helix is, perhaps, one of the most iconic structures from the world of science. The DNA, with its intertwined spiral shape, is the molecule of heredity. Decoding its structure and understanding its function in the cell was a big scientific breakthrough in the 1950s. GNR, his wife Rajam and Dorothy Hodgkin.

Rambling in our museums (2) … with N.S. Parthasarathy

A ‘period’ museum – A glimpse of a historical era The Fort Museum established in 1948 in the Exchange Building, a historic protected building in Fort St. George, seems to draw visitors even on a working day afternoon. It was a pleasant surprise to see well over 150 visitors going round the exhibition rooms. They […]

Writing with a smile

Charukesi remembering Ashokamitran

It was in 1968 that I first met Ashokamitran, along with my writer-friend Vadhoolan, in his Damodara Reddy Street residence in Theagaroyanagar. I was back from Ahmedabad on transfer to Madras, and had seen on the Swadesamitran Deepavali Malar, a short story by him, titled ‘Prayaanam’. It was set in hilly surroundings, to which four […]

He inspired another to get into scripophily

Pradipto Mohapatra, who passed away recently, was a true polymath. Ram Mohan, in a tribute to him, says, “He was the rarest among Indian executives, a man with much wider and deeper interests than merely making money or running businesses efficiently. Many people knew him as a connoisseur of watches, antique and contemporary, from his […]

Yamaraja’s brother – Mani

by Janaki Venkataraman

Yamaraja’s Brother – An Autobiography of Dr. M.K. Mani. I don’t usually like reading books penned by practitioners of medicine. They scare the hell out of me. All right, I read A.J. Cronin when I was a teenager, but then his were romantic novels. Besides, I was of an age when I thought I was […]

No hi-tech answer to thirst?!

(By A Special Correspondent)

What’s the answer to IT thirst? The newspapers recently were full of how the strike by water tanker operators had brought Old Mahabalipuram Road aka IT Corridor to its knees. The much-vaunted hi-tech area, with offices developing high-end software solutions for companies abroad, is pretty low-tech when it comes to that precious commodity – water. […]