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Vol. XXVII No. 8, August 1-15, 2017

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Tasteless mimicry in heritage area

by A Special Correspondent

The new State VIP Guest House mimicking the Sydney Opera House. An addition to the architectural landscape of Chennai is a structure that has emerged in Government (Omandurar) Estate, next to the new Kalaivanar Arangam, to serve as State VIP Guest House. The elevation is touted as having been modelled on the world renowned Sydney […]

Govt. trying to kill our waterways?

By The Editor

On paper it is all there – our State is committed to protecting its waterways. It is forever in river-cleaning mode, spending billions of taxpayers’ money for this and all the while its own agencies, departments and undertakings continue to pollute and impede the rivers as much as they can. This is the feeling that […]

Even in the 1700s, Book clubs were really about drinking and socialising

by Sarah Laskow

Parties where playwrights like Moliere read aloud were precursors to rowdy book clubs. ULLSTEIN BILD/GETTY A Madras Book Club member who regularly scans the web, sends us this feature saying, “It could well apply to our Club too”. In theory, book clubs are supposed to be about reading and dis-cussing books. In practice, they are […]


Sriram V

THREE TIMES A DEWAN The Indian Charivari series does not include many Indians, its attention being largely on colonial administrators. Among the few who made it is Tanjore Madhav Rao. He could clearly not be overlooked, for his record, when the Charivari was under preparation, was nothing short of trailblazing. He had just then completed […]

Lost landmarks of Chennai

Sriram V

Kerr’s Church that Goldingham built (Continued from last fortnight) Julius Gantz’s engraving of the church Goldingham built. Even though the Government had readily agreed to part funding a chapel in Black Town, there were some murmurs that the salary of a regular pastor would be a continuing charge. Kerr allayed these fears stating that he […]

Strolling down our ‘Bond Street’

by Janaki Venkatraman

A great street, but what a road! The mess on OUR ‘Bond Street’. (Picures by S. Anwar.) When Calvin Klein meets Kala Niketan across a much dug-up road, Chennai fashionistas feel they have arrived at the right place for their spot of exclusive shopping. Khader Nawaz Khan Road is a typical and perhaps sad example […]

Nostalgia on the eve of Independence Day

by N.S. Parthasarathy

by N.S. Parthasarathy destiny The country’s freedom struggle was already in full swing in the 1930s amidst world events foretelling War. In India, the freedom fight and World War involvement combined into a potent force that shook every walk of life, household and individual. People were so overwhelmed by sensational news of defeats and victories […]

125-year-old home of a 155-year-old Court

Excerpts from a talk given by N.L. Rajah, Senior Advocate, at a function organised by the Madras Bar Association on 12.7.17 to “celebrate the 125th anniversary of this epic building”. Why must we celebrate this building? I would say for four main reasons. First, the unique architecture of the building; second, its role as a […]

Thank you, donors

The Editor

We today, publish donations received with thanks for the period from 1.07.16-15.08.16 400: Arunachalam V.E.; Ashok Aiyar; Chackomani; Chubby Raj M.K.; Daniel Baskar James; Dhasarathy G.; Dhunjeebhoy H.D.; Geetha Doctor; George K. John; Gopalan T.R.; Ishwar Lal Sharma; Jatesan N.; Jayaraman V.V.; Jean Menezes; Kamal Sheriff T.; Karuppaiah L.; Krishnan G.; Lakshmi Jayaraman; Mahalakshmi G.; […]

How will expanding the city pan out?

by The Editor

Our city is all set to expand, yet again. In 2007, we saw Metropolitan Chennai grow to span Minjur to Sholinganallur, an area of 1,177 with a population of 7 million. Then, in 2011, the Corporation of Chennai expanded, within the above area, taking unto itself 42 small local bodies, including nine municipalities, eight […]