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Vol. XXXII No. 2, May 1-15, 2022

Featured Articles

N. Sankar, Patron of Wordsmiths

-- by our Special Correspondent

Not for nothing do they say that the pen is mightier than the sword. Words are powerful drivers of new ideas, conversation and change, and N. Sankar – as avid a reader as he was a sports aficionado – had an astute insight into the transformative role of publishing. Besides enabling a clutch of key […]

Mentor par Excellence

-- by Ramnarayan V.

N. Sankar was an unusual combination of business acumen and ethical conviction – upright, farsighted, innovative. He was responsible for some of the most original choices made in the field of PVC manufacture, including the highly integrated manufacturing processes at the numerous facilities of the chemicals division of The Sanmar Group, which he helmed for […]

NS on Madras Musings

It was in 2016 that Mr. S. Muthiah together with Mr. N. Sankar planned the silver jubilee of Madras Musings. A special commemorative volume comprising articles compiled from past issues of the magazine, together with a commentary by various members of a special silver jubilee committee, was brought out. We got N. Sankar to write […]

Institutions Great and Small

-- by Sriram V

Sankar was an institution builder in every sense of the word. Not only was this reflected in the way he ran his business, it also manifested itself in the way he shored up institutions that he was involved in outside of his business interests. The following article comprises extracts from three of my books – […]

N. Sankar – Beyond Business

-- by Ranjitha Ashok

When N. Sankar, industrialist and Chairman of the Sanmar Group, passed away on April 17th, 2022, accolades flooded in. ‘A born leader’, ‘…a great patron of sports’ – his life was described by one media house as ‘an innings of understated achievement.’ The slogan of the Sanmar Group reads: ‘Where integrity meets excellence’ and N. […]

Sankar and Sport

“You must dedicate the last page of MM to sports,” was an oft-repeated dictum of N Sankar’s. In fact that was probably the only editorial aspect that he ever expressed an opinion on. We therefore dedicate this last page to his involvement in sport. – Editor The Sanmar family has been instrumental in developing domestic cricket for the past five decades. The Sanmar Group has been […]

Do monuments have to make way for modernisation?

-- by The Editor

The proposed letter from the building committee of the High Court of Madras to the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), asking the latter to consider shifting Hynmers’ Obelisk from its present location (see Heritage Watch), has brought into sharp focus the role of the ASI when it comes to protecting monuments that are under its […]

Corporation attempts a balancing act on vendors

-- by A Special Correspondent

The Corporation has identified 905 vending zones and 4,700 non-vending zones in Chennai city. “We have begun enforcing the rules,” said Commissioner Gagandeep Singh Bedi in a quote to the media and true enough, reports have come in of several shops that have been evicted from the designated non-vending zones in areas such as NSC […]


Madras Musings and Chennai Heritage mourn the passing of Mr. N. Sankar, who ensured corporate support for this publication and was its well wisher and patron. Full length tributes will ­appear in the May 1st issue.

Lost Landmarks of Chennai

The Guava Garden Cemetery Much of this article is a repeat of what I wrote in Madras Musings Vol XXV, No 13,