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Vol. XXXIII No. 20, February 1-15, 2024

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Tracing Madras

– Ar. Aafreen Fathima S.K. (Ninetyeight.madras)

The Kapaleeshwarar Temple in Mylapore Once by the shore along San Thome, and now in Mylapore,the Kapaleeshwarar stands as a testament to the city’s rich cultural and religious heritage. While its origins and cause of relocation remain a subject of debate, there’s no denying its existence dating back to the 7th century, with mentions in […]

Thank you, Donors

We today, publish donations ­received with thanks for the ­period till December 2023. – The Editor Rs. 100: Kalyanasundaram K, N.V. Iyer

H(arihara) P(arames) Waran of the Madras Presidency College and the clock he made in 1930

-- by Anantanarayanan Raman (

The four-face clock on the Presidency College main building is a majestic attraction. Only a few in Madras would know that this clock — has a name: the ‘Fyson Clock’. Mr. Muthiah in his Madras Miscellany column (

Tales from Gemini Studios

-- by V.Vijaysree (

Recently, the American nephew asked if we could visit Gemini Studios, the next time we find ourselves in the old hometown. I tell the teenager the studio was defunct even by the time I was in my teens. Besides, I am not sure Gemini Studios was ever like the famous Universal Studios in California, which […]

An accounting academian who left a lasting impression on whoever interacted with him

-- by Karthik Bhatt

R. Sivakumar, noted chartered accountant who passed away recently wore many hats with consummate ease. A man with a tremendous philanthropic bent of mind, many a social and religious cause greatly benefited from his

Kalidas – Part III

-- by S. Muthuvel,

In those days, there were many remarks that Kalidas contained ‘patriotic songs and keerthanas that had little to do with the film’s story.’ However, the truth is that along with the tale of the titular Kalidas, the film also contained two other segments which were short features in their own right. We have seen earlier […]

The Season 75 years ago

-- by Sriram V

One more December Music Season has come to an end. And as usual the statistics will be churned out about how 60 and more organisations put up 2000 music and dance performances, funded entirely by private initiative, etc, etc, etc. Way back in 1948, it was a lot easier. There were only three organisations celebrating […]

When Gavaskar surpassed Bradman’s long-standing record

-- by Partab Ramchand

For 35 years it had remained Test cricket’s most famous record. Don Bradman made the last of his 29 Test hundreds (in only 52 matches) in July 1948. Since then even with the proliferation of Test matches no one had close to surpassing it, the nearest being 26 notched up by Gary Sobers in 93 […]

A time to introspect on our mistakes

-- by Sriram V.

Cyclone Michaung has come and gone. It left behind a trail of destruction. It also seemed tailor-made to expose all our inadequacies. It showed up the city for what it is – built on shoddy infrastructure, with poor planning laid on it, and a willing citizenry that has co-operated with vested interests in bending every […]

My Brush with the Silver Screen

-- by Nandini Vijayaraghavan

Many schoolgirls dream of appearing on the silver screen in film-obsessed India. Fortunately for film goers, this was never my aspiration. Yet I did have my moment on the big screen in the most unexpected of circumstances. Circa the late-1980s, a bunch of schoolgirls including me, after appearing for our annual exams, secured permission from […]

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