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Vol. XXX No. No. 15, December 1-15, 2020

Regular Articles

Cancer Institute fights the Covid challenge

by Our Special Correspondent

As a continuation of last issue’s feature on how non-profit healthcare institutions are coping with the pandemic, Madras Musings reached out to distinguished oncologist Dr. V. Shanta, Chairman of the Cancer Institute (WIA), Adyar. The Cancer Institute is perhaps one of the city’s most notable medical charities. Dedicated to the cause of providing excellent, affordable […]

Old and New

Our OLD, taken in 1940, shows the then Mayor of Madras, S. Satyamurti, (1) with Sir Arthur and Lady Hope, at Poondi and (2) walking with Sir Arthur Hope at the Jones Tower, Red Hills.

Short ’N’ Snappy

Prescription Friction The Woman from Madras Musings has many pet peeves. Getting honked at while waiting at a red signal, for instance. (Wo)MMM will never understand what purpose this could possibly serve unless, of course, one is an ambulance, which is seldom the case. Lately, since the pandemic began, (Wo)MMM has had to suffer one […]

Our Readers Write

Jesse Owens’ Visit Jesse Owens had also visited Madras Christian College School, Chetpet during his stay at Madras. The renowned educationist K.Kurivila Jacob happened to be the Headmaster then. The school magazine for 1955-56 contains photographs of this great athlete. I was a student then. I am in possession of this magazine. M. Dhanasekaran No. […]

Quizzin’ with Ramanan

Quizmaster V.V. Ramanan’s first 10 questions are on current affairs and next on natural wonders and phenomena. 1. Who are the partners of Oxford and Pfizer involved in developing a COVID-19 vaccine? 2. Apart from Virat Kohli, which Indian has been nominated for the coveted ICC Men’s Player of the Decade Award? 3. The largest […]

Garbage Collection – a new beginning?

by The Editor

Chennai is preparing itself for a new garbage collection agency. Urbaser Sumeet is a Spanish firm and it has been awarded the contract for solid waste management for eight years, effective October 1. The equipment that the company brings sounds impressive. To quote the Indian Express, there will be “125 compactors, 38 mechanical sweepers, 3,000 […]

The Heritage of our Garbage

Our Old, taken ten years ago, features a collection bin placed by whichever agency then was clearing our streets of garbage. Our Not So New shows a bin placed by Ramky Enviro, the agency that till recently was clearing the streets of waste.Our New shows the new bins placed by Urbaser Sumeet, the new contractor. […]

COVID’s impact on affordable healthcare

by Our Special Correspondent

Like most public crises, the pandemic has impacted the poor and the marginalised more than the stronger sections of society. Philanthropic organisations play a key role in helping the vulnerable through these difficult times, ensuring their access to essential goods, services and care. Chennai’s not-for-profit medical institutions are doing a stellar job in this regard, […]

Lost Landmarks of Chennai

Sriram V

A Place for Biden Ever since Joe Biden, now the US President elect, announced his intentions to run for that high office, interest in his ancestor with Indian connections has peaked. He had himself spoken of his great great great great great-grandfather George Biden, who after service with the East India Company, settled down in […]