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Vol. XXXIII No. 21, February 16-29, 2024

Heritage Watch

There is a lot of flowers in this issue of Madras Musings, what with the flower show that was held recently. And for the Heritage Watch column we could think of nothing more appropriate than a painting of a Madras flower by Lady Elizabeth Gwillim (1763-1807), which is our OLD. The lady in question arrived in Madras towards the end of the 18th century and till her sudden passing was an avid observer of the city, its people, its flora and fauna.

Remembered today chiefly for her contribution to visually depicting bird life in the area, Lady Gwillim was interested in botany as well, working very closely with Dr. Johan Rottler, the German missionary who was a botanist as well. The Madras Magnolia, depicted in the picture above, was named Gwillimia India in Lady Elizabeth’s honour. She lies buried in the Church of St. Mary’s, Fort St. George and much of her work is now with the McGill University, Canada. Our NEW is a fascinating book on her life and that of her sister Mary, titled A Tale of Two Sisters by Patrick Wheeler.

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