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Vol. XXXI No. 8, August 1-15, 2021

Heritage Watch


She captured Madras in miniature

In the past few years readers of Madras Musings must have become familiar with Pavithra Srinivasan. Her column, titled Pavithra’s Perspectives appeared once a month in page 3 of our paper. In each instalment she featured one of her miniatures of some heritage building or marker of our city’s past. These were accompanied by her brief notes on what inspired her in each of the locations to capture them on canvas.


We are saddened to inform our readers that Pavithra passed away on July 16, 2021. She was just 40. There was much more to Pavithra than the exquisite miniatures. She was a very talented writer and a translator as well. Her talk, delivered at one of the Madras Week series organized by Madras Musings a few years ago was a marked success because of the sincerity she brought to her work, thereby showcasing her depth of knowledge. This multifaceted personality’s passing is a great loss to the heritage movement of our city. More tributes and a selection of her miniatures are featured in pages 4-5.

Our OLD features Pavithra’s depiction of the Cornwallis Cupola. It is OLD only because it captures the monument in technology of the past. Our NEW, captured on a cell phone camera, is the same structure. Farewell Pavithra! We at Madras Musings will miss you.

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