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Vol. XXXIII No. 10, September 1-15, 2023

Archives: Vol. XXXIII No. 10, September 1-15, 2023


Madras Week and the focus on heritage and branding

-- by The Dy. Editor

Yet another edition of Madras Week is coming to an end. From the variety of programmes offered, and the response received, it seems that the public have come to look forward to this event. The pandemic-related sluggishness has finally been shaken off and interest in all matters Madras revived to a great extent. Two aspects however have stood out – the focus on heritage and the increasing attempts at branding by commercial establishments to showcase their association with the city. Both are very positive developments and augur well for Madras Week in the years to come.

The vastly increased number of heritage walks is a certain pointer to the former. Heritage has never received such a focus as this before. There are youngsters leading scores of interested citizens and outsiders all over the metropolis, drawing attention to monuments of the past. Social media has also done its bit – with YouTube videos, Instagram reels and photos, and other updates. Even the electronic media channels that once considered Madras Week infra dig have begun to report on it in droves. Suddenly, Chennai’s past is all over the place.

And this has certainly paid dividends. The Government’s change of attitude is a clear indication. Let us face it, there is no way the establishment will associate itself with something unless


Madras Week lectures, in a nutshell

-- by Lashman Premi, Sujata Tarakesan and Varsha V

The Madras Week lectures organised by Madras Musings saw many stories emerge from the community. From sports and photography to literature, cinema and business, this year’s Madras Week talks had it all and was attended by crowds that were both lively and appreciative. We thank those who joined us for the events and are providing below a brief snapshot of each for readers who were missed.


Heritage Watch: The Hindu – Hero of Madras Week

If there was a single entity that pulled out all stops in celebrating Madras Week this year, it was The Hindu. The grand old city icon was here, there, and everywhere. And it made a huge difference. There was to start with the 16-page supplement for Madras Day, which your deputy editor had the honour to work on.

Then came the exhibition of the newspaper’s photo ­archives, at its premises, at Ripon Buildings and at various Metro stations. The display


Chennai Heritage Lectures

Day 1: Glimpses of Devan’s Madras – Jayaraman Raghunathan – The Park.

Jayaraman presents a Devan comic in front of a full house at The Park. Picture credit: William Satish.


Madras Week Walks

Fort St. George Walk led by Vincent D’ Souza. Photo: Jothi Vel Moorthy.

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