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Vol. XXXIII No. 10, September 1-15, 2023

Heritage Watch: The Hindu – Hero of Madras Week

If there was a single entity that pulled out all stops in celebrating Madras Week this year, it was The Hindu. The grand old city icon was here, there, and everywhere. And it made a huge difference. There was to start with the 16-page supplement for Madras Day, which your deputy editor had the honour to work on.

Then came the exhibition of the newspaper’s photo ­archives, at its premises, at Ripon Buildings and at various Metro stations. The display at Ripon Buildings was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, who has been a supporter of Madras Week for many years now. And on that occasion he also released three books connected with Tamil Nadu, written by staffers at The Hindu.

There were besides, photo contests, music ­performances, and regular write ups on various aspects of life in the city. All of these were themed under Made of Madras/Chennai. It was an apt title given that The Hindu itself is made of this city and has made this city in turn.

Madras Musings, which is proud to have The Hindu as a supporter congratulates the paper on its initiative and hopes that further editions of Madras Week will have its support in the same fashion.

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