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Vol. XXVI No. 23, March 16-31, 2017

Quizzin’ with Ramnan

(Current Affairs questions are from the period February 16th to 28th. Questions 11 to 20 pertain to Chennai and Tamil Nadu.)

1. Vikas Swarup, India’s new envoy to Canada, is famous for writing the novel ‘Q&A’ that was made into an multiple Oscar-winning flick. Name the film.
2. The new long-distance, fully unreserved, superfast train service to be operated on dense routes, was flagged off with a service between Ernakulam and Howrah on February 27th. What is it called?
3. What was the theme for -National Science Day 28.2.2017 ?
4. Which movie won the Best Picture award at 89th Academy Awards?
5.Which State is set to become the first Indian State to have a public registry of sex offenders?
6. Why did a dwarf star named Trappist-1, 39 light years away, make news recently?
7. Name the world’s first inter-operable payment acceptance solution, to enable digital payments without card-swiping machines, launched by the Government.
8. Geologists have announced discovery of a 4.5-million sq km submerged continent beneath the SW Pacific Ocean of which only New Zealand and New Caledonia are visible. What’s it been named?
9. According to a recent announcement, which Asian nation has chalked out plans to build the first city on Mars by 2117?
10. Following the elevation of N. Chandrasekaran as Chairman, Tata Sons, who’s is the new CEO of TCS?

* * *

11. The Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court recently directed the State Government to enact a special legislation within the next couple of months to eliminate which offending green foliage from the State?
12. Which respected institution, whose centenary celebrations were inaugurated recently by the President, was founded in May 1917 by women’s rights activists such as Annie Besant, Margaret Cousins, and Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy among others.
13.Which religious text is said to have originated at Tirupperun-thurai or Avudaiyarkoil?
14. Former police officer K. Vijay Kumar’s recent book detailing his capture of Veerappan is titled…?
15. Thirupachethi village near Usilampetti is known for making which item of weaponry?
16. Name the left-arm seamer who made news after being picked up for Rs. 3 crore by Kings XI Punjab at the recent IPL auction.
17. Of the three thoroughfares in Mylapore that connect North Mada Street and Kutchery Road, two are Kutchery Lane and Mathala Narayanan Street. Name the third.
18. In which respected institution of Chennai can you spot a bas-relief of eight truncated-tusked elephants?
19. After which musical giant is Palace Road in San Thomé now named?
20. Which legendary singer had his debut when the famous Musiri Subramania Iyer cancelled his performance at the Mylapore Kapalis-warar Temple?

Answers to Quiz

1. Slumdog Millionaire, 2. Antyodaya Express, 3. ‘Science and Technology for Specially Abled Persons’, 4. ‘Moonlight’, 5. Kerala, 6. NASA astronomers claimed to have discovered seven new Earth-sized exoplanets that may be able to sustain life, 7. Bharat QR, 8. Zealandia, 9. UAE, 10. Rajesh Gopinathan.

* * *

11. Seemai karuvelam (prosopis juliflora), 12. Women’s Indian Association (WIA), 13. Manikavasagar’s Tiruvachakam, 14. Veerappan, Chasing the Brigand, 15. Aruval-s (sickles), 16. T. Natarajan, 17. Chengazhuneer Pillayar Koil Street, 18. Theosophical Society, 19. Papanasam Sivan, 20. GNB.

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