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Vol. XXVII No. 10, September 1-15, 2017

Once there was Madras now there is Chennai

Once there was Madras, now we are Chennai. Amidst a plentitude of changes and challenges, some things have just not changed. On the city’s 378th birthday, here’s a celebration of such small things that has kept alive the spirit of the city. Happy Madras Day! wrote GRT Hotels and Resorts on its Facebook.


There existed Pilot, Casino and Safire
Now exists Sathyam, Inox and Escape
Love for Cinema, unchanged!
Good old Pallavan buses, suburban and MRTS trains.
Newest kid, Chennai Metro, is born
The daily hustle continues
When Spencer’s Plaza & Alsa Mall were the only malls.
Now there are plenty
What hasn’t changed is the love for shopping at T’Nagar.
From set dosai and vadacurry to barottas…
Now Pastas, Burritos and Fusion food
What hasn’t changed is the ever popular Milagai Bajji by the beach
When the Theatres and Dramas were the audience’s delight
Now, we netflix and chill
Yet our Kutcheri season remains the unbeatable king!
There was Madras – now we are Chennai
What hasn’t changed…
Is our Spirit!
A City that gives
A City that nurtures
A City that never ceases to amaze!

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