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Vol. XXVIII No. 3, May 16-31, 2018

Our Readers write

Broken bridge

I have a question myself, “Why hasn’t the Broken bridge at Besant Nagar been repaired? Why not even developed it for heritage tourism?” (Though there might be local occupational problems).

I did many Google searches but have been unsuccessful in finding an answer. Do you have any?

S. Yogeshwaran

Editor’s Note: Sorry, we have none. But may be someone in the Corporation will let us know.

Remembering C.R.

In your article on Gandhi Nagar (MM, May 1st) reference has been made to C. Ranganatha Aiyengar. He retired as Headmaster, Board High School, Gooty, now in Andhra Pradesh or Telangana. He was an active member of the South Indian Teachers’ Union, the first teachers’ union south of the Vindhyas. He was instrumental in the formation of S.I.T.U. Protection Fund, an insurance company. The agents were school teachers. This was classified along with Oriental Insurance Company when insurance was nationalised. T.T. Krishnamachari expressed regrets that a fund run by teachers had to be taken over by the government.

C.R. was also involved along with S. Natarajan and Saraswathi Srinivasan in the establishment of M.S. Sabhesan Bala Brindavan School which continues to provide quality education. He was a fine example of how public money should be taken care of. I was lucky to come under his influence as a young teacher in a village.

S. S. Rajagopalan
30, Kamarajar Street
Chennai 600 093

A clarification

In the report of my talk at the Madras Literary Society, (MM, May 1st), there is an error I would like to clarify. Annadurai wrote the dialogue for Velaikari and Nallathambi. Both came out in 1949. He wrote the dialogue for Or Iravu which came out in 1951. To clarify, it was Annadurai who   first initiated the Dravidian movement as a dialogue writer.

Theodore Baskaran

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