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Vol. XXX No. No. 16, December 16-31, 2020

Quizzin’ with Ram’nan

Quizmaster V.V. Ramanan’s first 10 questions are on current affairs and next on traditional Indian culinary preparations.

1. According to a recent decision by China and Nepal, by how much has Mt. Everest’s height increased from the generally-accepted height of 8848 metres?

2. How did 90-year-old Margaret Keenan of the UK make news recently?

3. The US Federal Trade Commission and more than 40 States have called for Facebook to break off which two brands?

4. Which Nobel Laureate has sold his entire song catalogue to Universal Music for more than $300 million?

5. Name the famous pilot, the first to break the sound barrier, who passed on recently aged 97.

6. Fans have launched a crowdfunding campaign to buy and convert into a museum the longtime Oxford home of which English author?

7. What seven-decade tradition looked forward to by its customers has furniture giant IKEA decided to end?

8. Why were breakdancing, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing in the news recently?

9. Japanese probe Hayabusa2 recently delivered the first-ever subsurface samples from which heavenly body?

10. Name the famous footballer, the architect of Italy’s 1982 FIFA World Cup triumph with most goals, who passed away recently.

* * *

11. Name the famous Kashmiri dish comprising seven to 36 dishes of mutton or beef, chicken, fruits, and vegetables.

12. With which community would one associate the Dhansak?

13. Name the famous paper-thin dessert made in the Andhra area.

14. What are the five natural ingredients that traditionally make up Palani Panchamirtham?

15. What is one eating in Tripura if he/she is served a preparation made of bamboo shoots, pork and jackfruit?

16. According to popular folklore, which dish gets its name as it was the 65th item in the menu of a famous restaurant in Chennai?

17. According to many food experts, which soft melt-in-the-mouth delicacy was created for the gourmand Nawab Asad-ud-Daula?

18. What is the fundamental difference between the Gujarati favourites ‘khaman’ and ‘dhokla’?

19. Name the traditional sweet cheesecake from Odisha that is served as one of the offerings to Lord Jagannath in Puri.

20. Name the deep-fried snack made of semolina, banana, yoghurt and milk and flavoured with fennel seeds and cardamom that is native to the Kumaoni region of Uttarakhand.

Answers to Quiz
1. 86 centimetres, 2. She became the first person in the world to be vaccinated against coronavirus outside of a medical trial, 3. WhatsApp and Instagram, 4. Bob Dylan, 5. Chuck Yeager, 6. J.R.R. Tolkien, 7. Stop printing its famed annual catalogue, 8. They will be featured in the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, 9. An asteroid, 10. Paolo Rossi.

* * *

11. Waazwan, 12. Parsis, 13. Pootharekulu, 14. Banana, jaggery, cow ghee, honey and cardamom, 15. Chakhwi, 16. Chicken 65, 17. Galouti Kebab, 18. Dhokla is made with rice-chickpeas (chana) batter, khaman is made from chickpeas only, 19. Chhena poda, 20. Singhal.

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