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Vol. XXX No. 18, January 16-31, 2021

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Putting to public use an unused lane

Under the Smart City Mission, the Greater Chennai Corporation [GCC] has been coming up with various projects in T. Nagar, ostensibly to provide hassle-free movement of the public. The continued apathy of the officials to the ever-growing encroachment by the shops/commercial establishments/hawkers/vendors on Ranganathan Street/Natesan Street and Railway Border Road near Mambalam Railway Station, has led to the GCC planning a sky-walk connection the Railway Station and T Nagar Bus Stand at a cost of Rs.29 crores. It is a classic case of setting fire to a house just to avoid a few bugs. Had the officials cleared/curbed the encroachment, the GCC would not have to build the sky-walk.
One could infer from the going ahead of the construction of the sky-walk that the GCC does not want to disturb the encroachment and that\ this attitude would only encourage the encroachers to usurp further road space, leaving the lanes narrower with every passing day.

If the encroachment is not removed/curbed, it could prove disastrous, as, there is not much space left on Ranganathan Street/Natesan Street/Railway Border Road, and in case of any untoward incidents taking place, even the emergency services like ambulance/fire tenders will find it difficult to navigate to reach the spot through these narrow streets. In the interest of the public, the GCC should remove the encroachment.

In between Ranganathan Street and Natesan Street, there is a parallel lane. The resurrected lane was cleaned up and made usable by the GCC decades ago, mainly to relocate the vendors/hawkers. But the plan did not go well with many spurning the decision. Since then, the lane has become a public urinal, and, a place to throw rubbish by the close-by shops/commercial establishments. Had it been kept neat and clean, the pedestrians could have utilized the lane to reach the bus-stand/railway station and thus avoid the ever-busy and highly encroached Ranganathan Street.
Despite repeated appeals to the GCC to clean up the lane, no action has been taken so far. At a time when the need is to make use of the existing facilities, it is sad that the GCC is allowing the lane to decay.

T Nagar Residents’ Welfare Association [Regd]
30, Rangan Street
T’Nagar, Chennai 600 017

Sachet revolution and plastic revolution

Refer article in MM, January 1st, it must be remembered that with the sachet bringing in a revolution in packing of oils, shampoos, talcum powders and toothpaste, we are now in a situation wondering as to how to get rid of the plastic which chokes our drains and rivers, seas and mountains and in some cases, kills our livestock.

The problem now is what to do about this plastic? How to get rid of it?

Professor Chandrasekhar

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