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Vol. XXXI No. 13, October 16-31, 2021

Heritage Watch

The Four Homes of the Madras Cricket Club

Tucked away under the massive MA Chidambaram Stadium is the historic Madras Cricket Club which turned 175 this year. During the course of the writing the coffee table book on the institution, your editor thanks to young researcher Karthik Bhatt managed to lay his hands on the golden jubilee brochure of the MCC, released in 1896. With that it is now possible to document each of the clubhouses that the MCC has resided in. (Further details in page 4 under Lost Landmarks).

Our VERY OLD features the first clubhouse, designed by R.F. Chisholm in 1866 and demolished by 1888. The OLD is its successor, designed by Henry Irwin, which had a long tenure, from 1892 to 1981. The Club is now resident in the building featured in our PRESENT and this is soon slated to make way for a fourth structure that promises to reflect heritage as well. This is the picture marked PROPOSED.

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