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Vol. XXX No. No. 15, December 1-15, 2020

Our Readers Write

Jesse Owens’ Visit

Jesse Owens had also visited Madras Christian College School, Chetpet during his stay at Madras. The renowned educationist K.Kurivila Jacob happened to be the Headmaster then. The school magazine for 1955-56 contains photographs of this great athlete. I was a student then. I am in possession of this magazine.

M. Dhanasekaran
No. 555, 9th street
‘C’ section,
Anna Nagar West Extn
Chennai 600101

Remembering Muthiah

I am writing to you from Paris to thank you for the pleasure that reading Madras Musings gives me.

Madras has always been a special place to me. Between 1974 and 1978, I visited Madras many times and lived in the city for several months. I remember the magazine Aside. I read Madras Discovered. I was, then, active in the travel industry after having taught history and worked as a journalist.

In 1980, I authored the first travel guide of South India in French. My “affair” with India is now 47 years old. I met Mr. Muthiah in Madras in 2003. His sister, Mrs. Meenakshi Meyappan was known to me. I went to his house and he gave me several printed copies of Madras Musings. I was sorry to find out that he died last year. I loved his writing. I have several of his books in my library: Madras Discovered, At Home in Madras, The Spencer Legend, his book on the Connemara hotel… I guess I am a Muthiah fan. I certainly shared with him a curiosity for the past, a certain nostalgia, a passion for places which have a history.

A year ago, I found your presence on the internet, and I must tell you that it made me extremely happy to see that you are continuing Muthiah’s work. I now receive your excellent newsletter.

I still visit Madras regularly. My last visit to the city was in February 2019. I hope to be back as soon as the sanitary situation allows it… and, maybe, meet you then.

Didier Sandman
23 rue du Moulin de Pierre
92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux

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