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Vol. XXXIII No. 2, May 1-15, 2023

Archives: Vol. XXXIII No. 2, May 1-15, 2023


Yet another ‘restoration’ of Buckingham Canal

-- by The Dy. Editor

Buckingham Canal is back in the news, accompanied by mega budgets for its ‘restoration’. As per the latest announcement made in the Assembly, a sum of Rs. 1,281.88 crores (it is a wonder as to how budgets always are so accurate right down to the second decimal when actuals always vary considerably) has been allotted towards the restoration of the canal, its associated drains and also those that connect to the Adyar and Cooum, in order to help facilitate a comprehensive restoration of waterways in the city. To begin with, 2.7 km of Buckingham Canal, the portion between Swami Sivananda Salai (behind the University) and Mylapore, has been selected.

On the anvil are the usual plans – a survey of encroachments, demolition of the same, plugging of untreated sewage outfalls, bank beautification, park development, and planting of trees. It will remain to be seen as to how much of all this will make it to reality even while the budget is completely spent. Somehow, our Governments have always managed to spend their river restoration budgets without making much of a difference on the ground. And as usual, nobody is willing to address the elephant that is in the room – the massive pillars of the Mass Rapid Transport System


Marina Loop Road – HC orders clearance of ‘encroachment’ while fishers push for ‘fishers’ zone’

-- by A Special Correspondent

The Marina Loop Road is seeing a storm of activity once again. Running from the Marina Lighthouse up to Foreshore Estate, the stretch along the shores of the Marina beach includes several fishing hamlets in the city such as Nochikuppam, Dooming Kuppam and Rajiv Gandhi Nagar. It is a common sight


Heritage Watch: Markers of Displacement

The history of any metropolis is one of continuous ­displacement of people. The original settlers are moved out by waves of new people for various reasons. Madras that is Chennai is no exception. Street names in various localities


Photo Story: A Calm Agitation

Documentary photographer Palani Kumar recorded scenes from the fishing community’s recent demonstration at Loop Road protesting the clearance of fresh fish and food stalls. Thirupurasundari, who also visited the space, recounted her experience. In her words — “The atmosphere was that of calm resilience and quiet dignity. The art on the buildings in the background stood out quite starkly. One of the women at the gathering made mention of it too.


Randor Guy – remembering a social historian

-- by Sriram V

In the passing of Randor Guy, the city of Madras that is Chennai has lost a social historian who kept alive memories of an era long gone. Today heritage may be back in fashion but at a time in the 1970s, 80s and 90s when much of it was forgotten, it was a few such as Randor who kept bringing it back into focus. He in particular specialised in the story of people – famous

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