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Vol. XXXIII No. 2, May 1-15, 2023

Our Readers Write

Ranji Trophy match at Poona

Sir, I read with interest the article about the Maharashtra-TN Match written by Ramchand (MM, March 16th). I was in Bombay at that time, watching the Tamil Nadu hockey team play in the Brighton Cup match. In the press gallery was comedian Agha, who spoke in Tamil. The pressmen were laughing and joking that the match would be over in two days with Maharashtra winning by an innings.

In the late sixties, the Ranji Trophy finals were held between TN and Bombay, with Hardikar leading the latter. This was also a low-scoring match due to the bowling prowess of Venkat and V.V. Kumar. Vijay Merchant in the commentary box was all praise for Venkat’s bowling. However, Venkat was not selected for the Australia-New Zealand tour, for Pataudi preferred Prasanna. Bombay and Tamil Nadu went head to head in another Ranji final at Chepauk, where Kalyanasundaram claimed a hat trick and reached 100 wickets.

R. Parthasarathi
Chennai 600 014

* * *

Website Comments

Our website had quite a few comments, which we are publishing below:

Banyan Tree recollections

(Vol. XXXII No. 24, April 1-15, 2023)

Banyan Trees are special. There is something called the Spanish Moss, an epiphyte which grows on trees – from a distance they give the impression of prop roots.

I know a professor who was a once a student at IIT, Madras who took up a job in a university in the American South ­because he saw the moss-­covered trees and it reminded him of the banyans of Adyar.


* * *

Dr. W.E. Dhanakoti Raju

(Vol. XXVII No. 15, November 16-30, 2017)

I am an NRI born and living in Canada and I have some information regarding Dr. Dhanakoti Raju.

Dr. William Edward Dhanakoti Raju was my great-great grandfather, and the first Indian graduate of the Madras College of Medicine (class of 1867). He and his friend Krishna Pillai were among the early Tamil converts to Christianity (Anglican).

He was involved in industrial business founding several foundries as well as in rural medicine (he is mentioned by Florence Nightingale in her writings). He wrote two books: The Elements of Hygiene and Queen Victoria: Her Life and Times. In the late 1800s, he became a Municipal Health Commissioner for the city of Madras. His company Victoria Works in San Thome was passed onto his eldest son David (his younger son Samuel is my great-grandfather). He and his sons were all baptized and confirmed in St. George’s Cathedral. His descendants married into many other prominent Indian Christian families. This is all the information I have about him and if anyone has any more information please contact me as well.

Eric Raju

* * *

Artist Maniam: Living in the hearts of many Tamil readers

(Vol. XXXII No. 23, March 16-31, 2023)

Dear Subha,

Excellent narration of the great artist Maniam. You are blessed to be born in this family. Your thatha’s work still lingers on in the minds of readers. Though Ponniyin Selvan has come out now as a movie, Maniam’s sketch of Vandhiyadevan still remains in the eyes of readers. Your father has been doing great work. Eager to see the unseen works of the great artist Maniam.


* * *

Beautiful tribute to the great artist Maniam. I’ve been an ardent fan of his work. The legacy is carried on by his son and grandkids. Well written

Ramya Marikannan

* * *

Rich in content. Artists Manian and his counterparts like Silpi, Chandra, and Rajam were emperors in their field. A fitting tribute such as a collective museum of the works of these giants should be founded soon. The TN government should do this, similar to the Western art rooms of Rembrandt and the Louvre.

Glad, to see the efforts of Ma se. in following the footsteps of his father with utmost sincerity…


* * *

Thanks for the detailed note on Maniam’s and MaSe’s life and art. These great artists enriched my childhood and keep on inspiring with their wonderful artwork.


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