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Vol. XXXIII No. 3, May 16-31, 2023

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Focus on Welfare Schemes and Infrastructure

Budgets these days are more of a political statement of the ruling party. In the previous budget, state’s thrust was on social welfare and inclusive economic development, even as the government worked towards fiscal consolidation, and administrative reforms. The present budget has its focus on women, children, youth, sports, Tamil language

Weather, droughts, and famines in Madras City and Presidency – mid-17th — early-20th Centuries

-- by Anantanarayanan Raman (

Climate change is a hot topic presently. Everyone today attributes losses – economic and otherwise – to the unpredictable behaviour of climate. However, the current thinking that climate change is a recent-time geophysical phenomenon is incorrect. What we speak of as climate change today was scientifically explained first in 1861 by

The Andhra Mahila Sabha – II

-- by Karthik Bhatt

(Continued from MM, Vol. XXXIII, No. 1, April 16, 2023) Despite the threat of the war reaching the shores of the city looming large, the Andhra Mahila Sabha continued to render its yeoman service to the cause of women’s welfare. Its activities were varied and included Hindi classes, classes for entrance examinations (with hostel facilities), […]

The new MA Chidambaram Stadium

-- by V. Venkataramana

The pitch at Chennai’s MA Chidambaram Stadium may be a batsman’s biggest challenge, but there’s no question that it is one of the most iconic cricket venues around the globe, be it the test, ODI or T20 format of the game. MAC is high on the ICC’s list of preferred stadiums for big matches for […]

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Dr. Rekha Shetty – an inspirational woman! (Vol. XXXIII No. 1, April 16-30, 2023) A beautiful tribute to Dr. Rekha Shetty who lived life fully. An inspiration and a role model to lot of women like me, her books and words will remain a testimony to the human being she was! Graceful, elegant and articulate, […]

Photo Story: A Calm Agitation

Documentary photographer Palani Kumar recorded scenes from the fishing community’s recent demonstration at Loop Road protesting the clearance of fresh fish and food stalls. Thirupurasundari, who also visited the space, recounted her experience. In her words — “The atmosphere was that of calm resilience and quiet dignity. The art on the buildings in the background […]

Randor Guy – remembering a social historian

-- by Sriram V

In the passing of Randor Guy, the city of Madras that is Chennai has lost a social historian who kept alive memories of an era long gone. Today heritage may be back in fashion but at a time in the 1970s, 80s and 90s when much of it was forgotten, it was a few such […]

Durani’s special bond with Madras

-- by Partab Ramchand

He was the entertainer supreme. Tall and handsome he played to the gallery time and again hitting sixes whenever the spectators goaded him on. Dashing and debonair he walked to the crease elegantly and soon the elegance was seen in his swashbuckling left handed batsmanship. As if this was not enough his left arm spinners […]

Finally, a Chennai Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority

-- by The Dy. Editor

One of the advantages of writing on Chennai is that things move so slowly that articles remain relevant for years on end. Take for instance the story on the Chennai Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (CUMTA) – Madras Musings carried the news about its creation in its issue of November 16, 2010!!! Only thirteen years have […]

Chennai awaits Kuthumbakkam Bus Terminal, city’s fourth integrated terminus

-- by A Special ­Correspondent

Almost the same week that the Prime Minister inaugurated the new terminal at the Chennai airport – reportedly a grand facility with an equally grand price tag of Rs. 1,260 crores – another piece of good news surfaced, this time for the city’s bus commuters. News broke of CUMTA (Chennai Unified Metropolitan Authority) placing on […]

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