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Vol. XXXIII No. 11, September 16-30, 2023

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Madras from our College terrace

-- by Karthik Bhatt

Karthik Bhatt stumbled on a treasure trove recently – the archives of Stella Maris’ college magazine. He shared with us a delightful poem published in a 1950 issue where the author describes Madras as she saw it then from her college terrace, offering beautiful sketches as well in accompaniment. We are glad to share it […]

Death penalties in medieval South India

-- by U.C. Chandramouleeswaran, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Crime Branch, C.I.D, Madras

The prevalence of death penalties has varied to a great deal in different societies. Such methods of inflicting death as burning, (sic; read as boiling in oil, breaking on the wheel), the iron coffin, drowning and impaling have had their great frequency not only in the earliest or in the more recent societies, but also […]

In deep waters, and loving it – A chat with Aradhana, TN’s new diving star

-- by V. Venkataramana

Tamil Nadu has seen the emergence of a few swimming prodigies such as Kutraleeswaran Ramesh and Nisha Millet, with the former making her mark as the youngest swimmer to swim across six channels in a single calendar year at just 13 years. She also won 600 Gold medals at state, national, and international meets and represented India […]

Chennai Heritage Lectures

Day 1: Glimpses of Devan’s Madras – Jayaraman Raghunathan – The Park.

Madras Week events

Madras Week events at Press Institute of India

Chennai Heritage -­ Madras Musings Lecture Series for Madras Week 2023

August 21, Monday – Glimpses of Devan’s Madras – Jayaraman Raghunathan – The Park, Anna Salai, 600 006. August 22, Tuesday – A Social Transformation via Surfing – Arun Vasu – Amethyst, Whites Road, Chennai 600 014. August 23, Wednesday – Pictures from the Past as seen through the lens of M.K. Rangaswami Iyengar – […]

Let’s watch Kalidas (1931) together

-- by S.A. Muthuvel,

If one were to search on Google as to which film was the first Tamil talkie, the answer will be Kalidas. The first Telugu talkie is said to be Bhakta Prahalada (1932). That Kalidas – first released in South Indian languages a year earlier in 1931 – was a Telugu-Tamil bilingual talkie is clear from […]

Tribute to K.S. Sanjivi – 1903-1994

-- by M.K. Mani

(This is an obituary that the author wrote for the National Medical Journal of India in 1995.) K.S. Sanjivi studied at the P.S. High School, the Presidency College, and the Madras Medical College, Madras. He took the M.B.B.S. in 1927, and joined the Madras Medical Service in 1928. He then went on to take his […]

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