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Vol. XXXII No. 5, June 16-30, 2022

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Better Days for VP Hall?

-- by The Editor

At long last, it would seem that there are better days ahead for Victoria Public Hall. Constructed in 1887 as the town hall for the city and to commemorate the golden jubilee of Queen Victoria’s reign, the building undoubtedly was at its best before the 1940s. Thereafter it was a story of steady decline and […]

Metro work slows down city traffic

-- by A Special Correspondent

Commuters are navigating myriad traffic diversions in view of CMRL’s metro rail work as part of the 118.9km phase 2 project that involves the construction of underground and elevated lines. Roads in many localities including Marina Beach, Panagal Park and the Boat Club-Chamiers Road have been barricaded. New traffic rules have also obliged heavy vehicles […]

Heritage Watch: City’s Town Hall over the Ages

VP Hall, which is in the news these days for positive reasons, was meant to be the town hall of the city. Constructed in 1887 to commemorate the golden jubilee of Queen Victoria’s reign it was the epicentre of several developments in the city. Left to rack and ruin for decades, it now seems set […]

Lost Landmarks of Chennai

Madras in 1759 – I A chance search for some material on the Elambore river landed me on this account of Madras in 1759. Published in the Grand Gazetter (sic) of Exeter that year, it gives a fascinating account of White Town and Black Town. The first part reproduced here

D.H. Rao – his passion for philately, light houses, postal covers and the Buckingham Canal

-- by Vincent D’Souza

I have lost a great friend, a co-traveller of a few decades – D. Hemachandra Rao, all of 82 years. Rao loved the city of Madras and gave it all he had to contribute. He was also one of India’s foremost philatelists and perhaps the expert on India’s lighthouses.

EVs… from labs to roads in Tamil Nadu

-- by Dr. V. Sumantran, Chairman, Celeris Technologies

Tamil Nadu has wisely taken the initiative to build on the many foundation blocks. How this is sustained and nurtured will determine if Tamil Nadu and the “Detroit of the East” will emerge a powerhouse in EVs for India and a new world rushing to embrace a cleaner mobility format. Almost two decades ago, I […]

Neurology Services at VHS

(Continued from last fortnight) Our Series on Prof. Krishnamoorthy Srinivas, his Life and his Work – IV. Organisation and Delivery of Neurology Services The early effort to run a department and establish himself by Srinivas seems to have been drawn from Reminiscences: On Running, a Small Department by Prof. Robert Currier which Srinivas read much […]

It’s time for CSK to rebuild

-- by Partab Ramchand

At the recently concluded IPL, Chennai Super Kings started off on the wrong foot, never really recovered and finished second from the bottom in the points table. While their non-performance came as a major disappointment to their legion of fans worldwide, in a way it was not surprising even though they had commenced as the […]

Dithering over a Natural Beach

-- by The Editor

Beach beautification is almost the first project that any newly elected State Government of Tamil Nadu and for that matter city civic body announces after being sworn into office. Unfortunately, the vision is limited to the Marina Beach and not much beyond. And what vision there is for the Marina is restricted to fountains, re-relaying […]

MTC’s slew of new perks and services win back riders

-- by A Special Correspondent

According to April 2022 reports, the Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) is clocking a healthy improvement in daily ridership numbers. The average number of passengers carried per day has almost touched 29 lakhs – a number encouragingly close to the 33.5 lakh daily ridership the MTC enjoyed before the 2020 lockdowns. The improvement has been attributed […]