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Vol. XXVII No. 12, October 1-15, 2017

Garbage bin a landmark

The garbage bin at my street corner is of great concern to me.

Every time I step out of home, it confronts me. And I feel depressed. So depressed that my head spins like the wheels of this garbage bin.

One recent evening, I walked down to the corner to wait for a friend who was picking me up for coffee and conversation.

To Ola drivers, auto drivers, friends who come by and strangers, besides the cooking gas cylinder delivery man, this bin is a landmark. There is a giant Metrowater tank around, but it’s too far. There is actor Vijay’s office, but it is on Level 3. So the bin is a convenient landmark.

More so since it is always pushed to the side of the road even though the Ramky staff push it into its corner after emptying it every morning.

On another evening, after a nice shower I was standing close to the bin when I heard some strange noises. Then two bags rolled out. I was a tad nervous now.

Perhaps giant rodents? I dreaded the thought.

Already, the rats had been taking it out on the shoots of my dear thulasi plant and all the while we thought it was dying of some ill-omen.

There were more noises from the other side of the garbage bin. Then I saw two cows. They were tearing apart these large plastic bags and seeking stuff to masticate for their evening tiffin.

The bags were full of plastic covers. I now realised why our street-end bin was overflowing so much nowadays. The staff at the two big stores on the other side were neatly packing their waste and dumping it in our bin at night.

I had once challenged the boys and they abused me. I restrained myself, for I didn’t want them to next throw their waste over our walls and spoil the bonnets of the Etios and Titanium.

Actually, I don’t mind the overflowing waste. It is the stink that drives me mad.

I think there’s not much of fish and meat waste in there. But, still, kitchen waste stinks. Roasted in this head and soiled in the showers. It is the stink.

My neighbour has planted some jasmine in our campus. The blooms are doing well but they are losing the battle with the stink.

I read that the Corporation has plans for biogas plants at Ward level. That’s a good idea. If the stink is any indicator, there’s a lot of gas in our backyards that needs re-generation.

I am not sure how many residents may want to get their kitchens connected to the Ward gas plant. You know how people have some reservations. What if the gas is from recycled chicken wings?

So I expect the gas lines to be connected to the noon-meal kitchen at our local Corporation school that is just down the road.

I am hoping this project is rolled out quickly.

I don’t mind rodents going for the thulasi. But I will be at my wit’s end if cattle begin to froth and gasp after feeding on tons of plastic and paper dumped inside our garbage bins. I don’t know if Blue Cross works 24×7.
Please roll out the gas plants before we have the councillors in their seats.

– Vincent D’souza
Mylapore Times

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