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Vol. XXVII No. 12, October 1-15, 2017

Our Reader’s Write

Regarding Riding the Metro, finding it costly, (MM, September 16th), the stretch between Nehru Park and Central is not yet operational. 

As a family in HIG, we find it convenient to take the Metro from Shenoy Nagar station, which is a hop, step and jump from our home, to places like Vadapalani and, of course to the airport too. The Vadapalani station is also right in front of the Forum Mall to which we go to catch the latest movie.

In Singapore, the pedestrian Metro subway leads right to the Mall, though it would be akin to asking for the Moon for such facilities in Chennai, where to be fair the new stations are being maintained well.

To add to the article, it does not take into account transport like the Ola and Uber cabs and the share autos in the city which have gained popularity now.

T.K. Srinivas Chari

Levelling down

Apropos NEET, A wake-up call for the State, (MM, September 16th), the government is fully aware that many children who desire to join good institutions change over to CBSE schools for their XI and XII classes. In spite of this, the powers-that-be have been reluctant to upgrade the syllabus over many years.

They want every one to come down to their level. It is called Samaseer Kalvi. God save our children!

T.M. Srinivasan

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