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Vol. XXVII No. 19, January 16-31, 2018

Dates for your Dairy

The Turtle Trail

InKo Centre with the Academy of Korean Studies, Korea and support from the Korean Cultural Centre, New Delhi, brings together researchers to examine the deep-rooted links between Korea and India, both the ancient trajectories as well as the modern manifestations of what is a significant ongoing intercultural dialogue titled The Turtle Trail – Indo-Korean ties from antiquity to the contemporary: a new perspective, the project aims to include the historical, linguistic, religious, trade, commercial as well as cultural links between India and Korea, with a particular focus on southern South Korea (particularly the Gaya kingdom, the current day Gimhae region) and Southern India (particularly the ancient Ai kingdom, the current day region stretching from Kanyakumari to Trivandrum).

The project aims, through rigorous research, to position the southern sea routes from India to Korea as the genesis of a relationship that starting in circa 48 CE – with the marriage of the legendary Princess Heo Hwang-ok to King Suro of the Gaya kingdom – continued to manifest itself across time and over myriad forms and routes of interaction.
Twelve researchers from Korea, India, Malaysia and Canada will be working on this project and will share their research findings at a workshop in Chennai on February 7-9, 2018. For further information,T: 044-24361224; enquiries@

* * *

The Margazhi and Village Festival 2017-18 at DakshinaChitra has been tailor-made to suit the festive mood, offering the rich and varied folk art forms of South India.

January 17-21: Pattada Kunitha/Pata Kunitha by Daiah Janapada Kalavidaru (Karnataka). A folk dance mainly by men.

January 24-28: Dappu a group dance by Bharathi Kala Samithi (Andhra Pradesh).

* * *

Till January 31: Crystal Dreams, an art exhibition by Olaf Van Cleef (at DakshinaChitra.)

Till January 31: Chettinad Thilai Vaasal – an exhibition of line drawings by K.G. Narendra Babu (at DakshinaChitra).

Jan. 24-Mar. 28: Vasantha Vizha. Step out of the classroom and enter the world of art & craft at DakshinaChitra.

January 19-20: Snowman, an Indo-Korean exhibition (at The Gallery @ InKo Centre).

January 20: A talk on Turtles and Elephants, by Dr. Supraja Dharini, Chairperson, TREE Foundation (at 11 a.m., Madras Literary Society).

February 1-10: Instrospection – an art exhibition curated by Neeta Omprakash showcasing the work of 20 artists from Goa and Odisha (at DakshinaChitra).

February 7-9: The Turtle Trail, a research workshop (at InKo Centre, Chennai).

February 15: Access Music VI featuring Shilpa Natarajan (at InKo Centre, Chennai).

* * *

DakshinaChitra Workshops


January 27-28: Photography. Resource person: Poochi Venkat

* * *


January 27: Wheel pottery; Resource person: Palani (at DakshinaChitra)

February 17: Miniature fridge magnet making. Age group: 10-14 years; Resource person: Rekha (at DakshinaChitra)

Contact: Lakshmi: 984177779

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